Words of Wisdom

Lisa Ann and I in matching t-shirts that proudly boast: “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” Preach Dolly, preach!

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

I love t-shirts with written sentiments. But in all fairness, the shirt must be pretty dang clever in order for me to don it. I don’t know why I love them so, but it’s a thing. And, if I find a particularly clever one, I tend to buy at least two so I have one, and I can share one.

One of my favs is my WWDW t-shirt – a gift from Lisa Ann. Of course, that stands for “What would Dolly do?” Successful entrepreneur, talented artist, philanthropist for causes from childhood literacy to education to helping fund development of the COVID vaccine – achieving all in 3” stilettos with hair and make-up on point. Yes, I would take Dolly’s sage advice on just about anything. The down side of this fav is that Kassidi came home a few weeks ago, departed in said shirt, and I have yet to see it again. And no, I’m not hopeful this beloved wardrobe essential will ever find its way back to my closet, because Sassy loves t-shirts with written sentiments as well, and she absolutely loves Dolly. I’ve accepted the fact that I just as soon order me another one. After all, that’s what Dolly would do.

My people understand my penchant for wearable sassy sayings, and as such, they have contributed vastly to my – let’s say colorful – wardrobe. Jack bought me “Strong & Pretty.” I saw the 15-year-old, nearly 6’ tall bearded baby rock this very shirt, and I loved it. He loved me back by giving it to me for my birthday. My babies bought me the quintessential game day shirt: “She is clothed in orange and white, yells hook ‘em without fear of the future. – Longhorns 24:7.” Sam surprised me with “Well-behaved women rarely make history,” one Christmas. Honestly, words to live by. It is not only a staple in my wardrobe; it is also my personal mantra.

Not one to be outdone, Mr. Kaminski has contributed to my audacious attire with a couple of classics, but I must confess, his contributions seem to have a theme. The first one he proudly presented was telling. It boasted: “They whispered to her, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ She whispered back, ‘I am the storm.’” Since I wasn’t annoyed with him at the time, I didn’t read any hidden meaning in his choice. I wore it, still do, and if anything, I find it prophetic.

His next effort was a mustard-colored gem that resonated with me. “You’re the trailer park. I’m the tornado.” Since those words of wisdom have been expounded by one of my favorite characters, and admittedly, I have, when the occasion called for behavior befitting a destructive whirlwind, emulated tornadic activity, I felt the heartfelt sentiment apropos.

I don’t necessarily have to be in a particular mood to wear one of my multitude of musings. But when I do build an outfit with the bold basic as the staple, I do feel a bit more emboldened than usual. I’m sassier, smarter, sharper – all the good “s” words – plus I know I’m definitely cuter in an outfit with a meaningful quip. And, I can, and do, live up to the challenge just like my “Guts, Grits & Lipstick” t-shirt says.

Of course, t-shirts aren’t the only medium for words of wisdom in my world. I have mugs, wine glasses, little musings on my desk and sweatshirts. One of my favorite sweatshirts that I tend to don during the holidays when all of my people are hustling and bustling and fussing clearly states: “Shhhh, no one cares.” Works every time.

See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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