What Do Your Scars Say About You?

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What Do Your Scars Say About You?

That whatever tried to hurt you, failed. The work of Studio B’s Bonnie Elwood ensures that the “tales” of your scars remain private — yours to share when and if you care to. Using inks in a variety of skin tones, Bonnie employs traditional tattooing techniques to minimize the lingering, unwanted visibility of scars on the surface of your skin.

To be clear, Studio B does not remove or correct existing tattoos, nor create decorative body art. Bonnie’s efforts are more aligned with camouflage than drawing attention to your skin.  Whether your scarring is the result of injury, surgery or a health issue, natural cosmetic tattoo artistry can often make those who seek its benefits feel more confident and attractive.  As an added benefit, those sometimes well-intentioned, but nonetheless invasive questions about the origin of these lingering remnants of your physical trauma often disappear as well.

In a spa-like setting, using established sterile protocols, Bonnie Elwood puts her skills and talent to use for both men and women, repairing and restoring a more natural look to their skin. Women who have had appendectomies, “Mommy Makeovers,” or even more dramatic breast surgery, have experienced pleasing results as have men with comparable surgical episodes. Persons of all ethnicities who have skin discolorations can often enjoy a more natural look as a result of Studio B’s work.

To schedule a personal consultation or to find out more about Studio B’s portfolio of services, visit HoustonNaturalCosmeticTattoo.com or text 832-922-5184.