Trends in the Interior Design World

By Alisa

Boho Chic made simply with a toss of a furry rug and a reclaimed table.

Although this year is not over, we are seeing some emerging trends in designs that will be shining stars in the upcoming year. Amongst these are the return to a Boho or Bohemian style, conscientious green spaces, and my favorite, patterned ceilings. In addition, it is important to mention that home sales for our area are rising, and despite the “Harvey effect,” homeowners can continue to improve their homes with confidence.

The color of 2019 also places changes in the feeling our rooms will have for an on trend, more chic effect whether used rigorously throughout a living space or sprinkled into your home with a decorator pillow toss here and there. Here’s the skinny on what’s what for 2019 design:

Boho Is Back

Boho style is back, and what makes it work is really a culmination of items that you are attracted to. Eclectic by nature, the style is rich and elegant and not so made up. I have for years used this style in designing spaces, utilizing collections of treasures picked up along my travels that reflect who we are living inside our space. A special chair from a loved one with good design elements is transformed with a toss of a fur rug over its shoulder, along with a unique gold geometric side table reclaimed and painted from an antique store. The Boho design style allows for an “anything goes” feel with a calculated undercurrent of attention to detail that makes a difference, such as clean lines and design pieces that make each room feel unique.

Going Green

A collection of orchids brighten up a window
and offer up something living as we enter fall.

Green spaces are environmentally friendly but also serve to brighten our moods, and during the winter months, they give us necessary access to air cleaners as plants act to filter our closed up homes when it’s colder outside. Think about adding a few palms to your den, a fern or a succulent to your office or an array of different orchids on a table in your dining room. The most unique thing I have seen is taking a wall and imbedding into it succulents for a key focus over the bathtub or creating a wall of hanging herbs for a quasi-indoor garden. If you choose to do something like this, be sure to place it where plants have regular access to sunlight.

Painted Ceilings

The patterned ceiling in James Edward’s room.

Patterned ceilings are in, and I am excited!  I have been using patterned ceilings as a focal point for almost 30 years.  I like to design nurseries and play areas especially with patterns and designs because our children are often napping or laying while playing. My son’s room was first a sky with vines and butterflies and then was transformed into a jungle by adding ivy and hanging stuffed monkeys and snakes in the vines. Now as a teenager, he asked for a ceiling like a stained glass in a cathedral, and I washed over the sky with patterned “stain glass” designs and added cross beams.

In my kitchen, I made the ceiling harlequin. With a pattern of red and gold diamonds, the cooking space is transformed into a whimsical place in which to share both meals and make memories. Not one person comes into my kitchen that this ceiling doesn’t make them smile. It’s a welcome surprise!

Night Watch Green

The color of the year has been called, and it is “Night Watch Green.” It is a moody and sophisticated shade that will work well in modern kitchens and as an accent piece in a rug or a pillow in the most traditional of settings. I love green and have it sprinkled all around my house. It might be a perfect pick in a pattern to try somewhere small, such as your guest bathroom.

It’s always nice to update with something simple, so that as the seasons change and trends move on, you have a closet full of small items to add this or that, and in doing so, you will keep your spaces feeling fresh and on trend.