Travel in Style: Tips from Loggins Jewelers

Loggins Jewelers

As flu season gives way to spring fever, the travel bug infects us all! After choosing mix and match outfits, what jewelry do you bring? Like your wardrobe, choose key coordinated pieces.

Start with a 36 inch chain to be worn long or doubled to flatter any neckline. Mixed metals of silver and gold like those by Charles Krypell create texture and subtle interest. Add a clip-bail pendant enhancer for even more versatility.

TIP: Keep necklaces untangled by inserting half the chain into a plastic straw. Hook it closed.

A pair of diamond hoops by Jude Frances are a classic look and can be dressed up at night with dangling earring charms or frames to match your necklace.

TIP: Poke pierced earrings through a small paper plate. Wrap in a baggy for travel.

A stainless and gold statement watch is best. For dress, stack bracelets of different metals, finishes and stones for interest. Vahan offers a wide variety of choices.

If one is your wedding ring, a cocktail ring that compliments your bracelets should adorn your other hand. Bachelorettes, flirt with a tri-colored gold butterfly ring on the middle finger of your left hand or a custom engraved pinky ring.

Travel with jewelry that coordinates with everything, from purse zipper to metal trims on jackets and shoes. At Loggins Jewelers, mixed metal jewelry has never been more stylish or affordable.

Final TIP: Get your jewelry appraised at Loggins Jewelers to update your home owners insurance in case of loss.

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