By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Me and my new self: See how skinny my face is?

I am completely and thoroughly worn out from fighting this battle of the bulge.  I’ve been at it nearly two years now, and I am over the struggle.  Sure, I’m down over 30 pounds, and my doctor loves that, but I am helplessly, permanently, diabolically stuck with this number on the scale – and I am over it.

Here are the facts of this unsatisfactory situation and why you can stick a fork in me, because I’m done:

  1. Mr. Kaminski still comes home every day. He is not as concerned with the loss of the final 15 as my physician appears to be.
  2. I take significantly less meds now that I’m somewhat smaller. Winning!
  3. My pressure is still up requiring daily medication, but I believe that’s just my nature. I tend to get easily aggravated, and for some unknown reason, I find myself regularly surrounded by aggravating folks.
  4. Everything that I truly love now fits. I’ve given up the leather pants from my twenties and the pre-baby Elvis jeans.  A girl has got to be reasonable.
  5. I have cut my hair. It only took a pound off of the scale.  Go figure?
  6. I have super cute swimsuits that I look reasonable in. Plus, I have even cuter cover ups.  God made cover ups for a reason.  Don’t question the Lord.

Since identifying is such a “woke” thing now – and I’m talking about “woke” meaning socially aware and empathetic – I’ve decided I’m just going to identify over this weight situation.  There’s a lot of folks identifying with this and that these days, and good for them.  If folks need to identify to be something that they’re not, that’s their business, and my hope is that it makes them happy and productive.  So, I know I’m fluffy, but going forward, I plan to identify as skinny.  I’m calling myself “trans-svelte” because my actual, physical me doesn’t really jive with the me in my mind.  I believe I’m thin and pleasant.  I can’t help the non-believers, bless their hearts.

I’ve decided I can and will be whatever I believe I am.  It’s not up to me to judge anyone, especially myself.  I feel that anyone can be anything they want to be, so I choose to be “svelte.”  Personally, I don’t think it’s up to any of us to judge; that’s the Lord’s job. But now that I think about it, if I did add one of those black judge’s robes to my wardrobe, it would hide a lot and likely be super comfy.  See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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