Top 10 ThingsTo Do This October

By Alisa Murray –

1.  Get in the Garden: Now is the time to plant tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels, cabbage, kale, lettuce, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, swiss chard, collards, garlic, spinach, turnips, radish and peas. Be sure to use well-draining soil rich in compost and add all-natural fertilizer to promote growth and spur off mildew and root rot.

2. Stock Up for the Winter: Preserve the vegetables from the summer harvest for the long winter months ahead. Can the cucumbers, preserve the figs and make orange marmalades and jams for the pantry and as gifts. Pickle or freeze okra and cut back and dry herbs.

3. Play with a Purpose: In the playroom, now is a good time to go through games and toys. Check with your children to see if they would like to donate outgrown toys to a local shelter.  Help children go through their closet, and pull anything they are sentimental about to tuck into their hope chests. Pack up clothes that they can no longer wear and donate, donate, donate! This year more than ever so many families have less than what they normally do, and a “gently used” jacket, sleeping bag or stuffed animal will bring joy to a child in need.

4. Put Fun on the Calendar: Begin planning your holiday calendar. If you are thinking about taking a short trip, start looking at where and safely with whom. Begin discussing a staycation this year with extra “new” traditions with your family.

5.  Get Bookish:  Challenge yourself and your friends by starting a book club.  Ask each person to select a book they have enjoyed over this year and make a list of what to read this fall. After Thanksgiving, host a zoom book club meeting and discuss each of the books.  See who liked what and that will help you on your gifting list this year.

6. Find Inspiration: On my nightside table now is Awaken the Giant Within You by Anthony Robbins and Julia Alvarez’s Afterlife.

7. Pamper Yourself: As you are out and about, pick up a few facial masks and treat yourself to a homemade lavender milk bath and a facial.

8. Craft It Up:  Personally, I am going to be going through my arts and crafts room this month. I have pieces of fabric that could be turned into masks and lots of little “this and that’s” just waiting to be reinvented into a gift for a friend or neighbor. There are tiny canvases waiting to have a simple saying and a little doo dah painted on them. My goal is to organize everything there so I know what I have and can replace anything needs replacing for holiday crafts and gifts.

9. Deck the Halls:  Decorate this year like never before! Take those old cracked pumpkins down from the attic, wrap them in velvet and glue a rope for the stem. Pick up some accessories from Dollar Tree and reinvent a DIY as a gift or décor for your home. Get the children involved in being crafty, too.  It’s a fun family activity for all ages.

10. Get Connected: Take the time to give the gift of conversation – not electronics – at the dinner table. Ask the children what was the most memorable part of their day, and see what kinds of wonderful conversations you can have together!