Top 10 things to do this Fall

By Alisa Murray –

1. Fall Gardening: Now is the time to start seedlings for your fall garden. Plant tomatoes, cucumbers, turnips, carrots, cabbage and kale. Pull out the annual herbs that have befallen to the heat and either dry or freeze them.

2. Spruce It Up: Walk around your home, and give it a once over.  Could your front door or any door frames use a little touch up paint or a refresh? Look up and see if your ceiling fans and chandeliers could use a little dusting or wiping down. Take down your curtains and sheers and give them a good washing and pressing and then reinstall.

3. Homemade Gifts: In the kitchen whether from the garden or farmer’s market, make preserves from cherries and other berries to give as gifts this Christmas. Or, water bath can a batch of cucumber pickles, beans or peas.

4. Love and Learn:  Go to your home library and pull one book for fun and another for education. On my nightside table now is Ball
Canning Guide
and Brad Thor’s latest thriller.

5. Get Artistic: Make a pot of tea and take up painting or needlepoint. Both require you to think outside of yourself and are calming. We could all use a little distraction right now.

6. Identify Inspiration: Make a list of everyone that you find to be funny and inspirational. Find out what they are doing right now, and see if there’s anything you can learn from it.

7. Classic Cinema:  Dedicate one night a week as movie night with your children. Make sure they see all the classics, and then have a discussion about what lessons can be learned from the main characters or plot.

8.  Set Limits: Make a sign to hang on your door that simply states “Mommy & Daddy.”  Announce to the children and anyone else living with you that when the sign is hanging, it’s a “no entry/not to be disturbed” message.  Proceed accordingly:)

9.  Think of Others:  Look in your closets and pantry. See if there’s anything that can be taken to the food bank or to shelters to help others in need.

10. Give Thanks:  Take time for yourself, and spend it reflecting on everything you are grateful for. Start a journal of gratitudes.