The Season of Change

Fort Bend County Commissioner Vincent Morales, Precinct 1, and Patti Parish-Kaminski at the inaugural Ultimate “Tailgate” Party benefitting the Homeless Pet Placement League. Two hundred guests attended the event that raised over $40,000. Congratulations to chairs Eileen Akerson, Vivian Douglas and Vicki Stevenson and entire the “Tailgate” committee!

Last Saturday night I donned a turtleneck sweater, coat, scarf, gloves and boots. By Sunday morning my attire changed to shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt. You know what that means Fort Bend friends? You guessed it – it’s Spring in Texas!
Mr. Kaminski has often equated the Spring season in Texas with a woman’s mind – constantly changing. What he doesn’t realize is that I change my mind and my attitude frequently just to keep him on his toes – much like the weather does this time of year. After all, we ladies like options, and this season in the Bend, options abound for Springtime fun!

From science, steers, steam and stars, there’s something for everyone to enjoy close to home this month. Our cover story, Spring in the Bend, showcases the best of the best for families to enjoy from interactive exhibits to outdoor activities to stellar adventures. Explore all of the possibilities on page 8.

Also, right here in the Bend is the ultimate two-day event showcasing cultural arts. The Sugar Land Arts Fest features wines, delicious foods, live music and of course, visual and performing arts at the Smart Financial Centre Plaza. Get your tickets now for this Springtime soiree!

March also means heading to the rodeo, and one of the more popular attractions at Rodeo Houston is the Wine Garden featuring the winners of Rodeo Uncorked! Dr. Jeffrey Kralik takes us through the process of judging the winners and gives us a sneak peek at his favs available in the Wine Garden this year in his column on page 14. Check them out when you’re out at Rodeo Houston.

And just remember friends when you are out and about this time of year, be prepared. Mother Nature in Texas is a wily woman particularly in the Spring. Just when you have that perfect hairdo, you step outside, and the wind’s blowing like perfume through a prom.

Stay focused!