Texas Top Ten Hotel List

Each year as a travel advisor, one of my most favorite reads is Conde’ Nast Traveler, specifically the “Reader’s Choice Awards” (RCA) edition. In it they give broad breakdowns in various categories of the best of the best for travel. In many cases I use this guide as an indicator of what to research and eventually recommend to my clientele. According to the survey, “82% of you have taken a leisure trip since March 2020.” Many of you will be taking another here over the holidays and yet again over spring break.

Texas has always had a sweep of the state, so to speak,  with properties in all of the usual places like San Antonio and Dallas and, of course, Austin and our very own Houston. Although things have not gotten wildly out of hand just yet with everyone flying off to their perfect destination, we are getting there, and I for one could not be more thrilled to see something new!

In our beloved Texas, these spots made the cut and are perfect for a little get away without leaving on a plane and having the hassle of various countries with restrictions that vary and change weekly.  Here’s the RCA for Texas 2021!

Keep on traveling!