Texana Autism Program to Upgrade Technology

The Texana Children’s Center for Autism will be able to upgrade approximately 24 iPads thanks to a generous grant donation from The Harry S. & Isabel C. Cameron Foundation.The applied behavior analysis program has used this technology since early 2012 when a software company developed an app to capture data in real time.

“The Catalyst software has been a wonderful edition to our program for multiple reasons. It has allowed our Board Certified Behavior Analysts to track and monitor the data for their clients without hours of data entry at the end of the day, but my favorite reason is that our parents can log into a web-based portal and also see the real-time data and how their child is improving,” said George Patterson, CEO.

The Children’s Center for Autism provides one to one applied behavior analysis treatment for children ages 2-21 with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum disorder.  Each child has specific individualized objectives to meet, and daily data collected will determine if those objectives have been met. The ability to take this data in real time via technology has greatly benefited the children, their parents and the overall program.