Sugar Land Speeds Winter Storm Recovery Relief

Sugar Land City Council recently approved an ordinance taking actions necessary to speed recovery relief for citizens.

“Residents of Sugar Land have endured conditions no one should have to experience during the winter storm,” said Mayor Joe R. Zimmerman. “Many have sustained damage to their homes and businesses and are facing extensive repairs. The ordinance we approved is intended to help our residents and businesses through the recovery process.”

The city will consider adjustments to water bills affected by high usage from winter storm damages. To request an adjustment, documentation of a leaking or broken pipe will be necessary. The adjustment will only be made to water and surface water charges. Residential wastewater charges are a fixed amount based on a customer’s two-month winter average and therefore are unaffected by a leak.

Calculations for 2021 winter averages will be based on last year’s average to ensure excessive water usage related to the recent winter storm doesn’t create higher than normal winter averages. Residents may request a review of their account if they believe their 2021 average is lower and use the lower of the two for billing purposes. Residents may also request a payment plan if they encounter financial difficulties. Payment plans allow customers to pay the outstanding balances over a longer period along with current charges with no further penalties or disconnection.

For utility billing questions – including an adjustment request, the use of this year’s consumption for the wastewater winter average calculation or payment plan discussions – contact Treasury Management at (281) 275-2750 to speak with a customer service representative. Customers who are on automatic bank draft and receive an unusually high bill should contact the city as soon as possible to avoid having large payments drafted from their account.

Additionally, the permit and inspection process is being streamlined to allow faster repairs to damaged homes and businesses while still providing an inspection process to help protect residents and businesses by ensuring all appropriate codes are followed. This will include the following items through May 1:

  • Permit fees for repairs needed as a result of the winter storm will be temporarily waived.
  • For repairs requiring a permit and inspection, inspections can be conducted in-person or virtually or even through the submittal of photo documentation to expedite the inspection process.
  • Homeowners completing repairs on their homestead won’t need to have the homestead exemption form notarized as part of the permit process.
  • Contractors registering with the city to perform repairs related to the winter storm will have their annual registration fee waived.
  • Food establishments with damage repairs can have construction and pre-opening inspection fees waived.

To learn more and to read the full ordinance approved by City Council, visit