Sugar Land Recognizes Volunteers of the Year

Serve Sugar Land Volunteers of the Year and their staff nominators include Kathryn Ketchum, Michael Voegtline, Paula Allen, Trudy Thompson, Sandy Penman, Connie Guyton, Javier Crespo, Ron Fawcett, Carmen Suarez, Damon Brownd, Becky Adams, Tony Manna, Wayne Coleman, Jennifer Brown, Chris Thompson, Amy Mitchell, Himesh Gandhi, Bridget Yeung, Jennifer May, Carol McCutcheon, Steve Porter and Jennifer Layne.

The city of Sugar Land recently named the 10 Volunteers of the Year. “These individuals are part of a city program called Serve Sugar Land that contributed 27,853 hours of volunteer service to the city last year, equating to more than $687,690 in in-kind service donations,” said Community Engagement Coordinator Kayla Lauhoff.

Those recognized for volunteering in city departments during the past year included:

  • Becky Adams – Accounting
  • Damon Brownd – Community Assistance Support Team
  • Ron Fawcett – Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association
  • Brenda Frye – Municipal Court
  • Connie Guyton – T.E. Harman Center
  • Tony Manna – Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association
  • Gabriel Rodriguez – Permits and Inspections
  • Carmen Suarez – Purchasing
  • Trudy Thompson – Human Resources
  • Michael Voegtline – Animal Shelter

Sugar Land’s Serve Sugar Land program has coordinated volunteer efforts in the city since 2007 as a way for the citizens of Sugar Land and surrounding neighborhoods to become involved in their city government. Each year city departments select and nominate a volunteer who enhances the delivery of city services by sharing their skills and fostering an atmosphere of community.

“The success of our city would not be possible without the contributions of active, engaged citizens like the 10 we’re recognizing this year,” said Director of Public Affairs Cindy Dees. “We’re extremely fortunate that so many people in our community have a passion for service and freely partner with our champion workforce to ensure Sugar Land remains an exceptional place to live. Citizen engagement continues to be a top priority for our city, so we’ll continue to look for ways to ensure citizen participation, as well as opportunities to recognize their efforts.  These investments of time and resources are part of what makes our community so special – it’s something we routinely refer to as ‘The Sugar Land Way.’”

To learn more about how to become a volunteer with the city of Sugar Land, visit or call 281-275-2329.