Stafford MSD Names 2021-22 District Teacher and Rookie Teacher of the Year

At the close of the 2021-22 school year, Stafford MSD hosted an awards ceremony to honor employees of the year on Tuesday, June 7th. District Teacher of the Year was awarded to Meghann Adkins, a U.S. History and AP Human Geography teacher. District Rookie Teacher of the Year went to Meredith Mohr, an English Language Arts and AP Language and Composition teacher.

Both teachers were selected from Stafford High School, under the leadership of Principal Raymond Root, where nearly 1,000 students attend including over 250 seniors who graduated last weekend.

Adkins won the Teacher of the Year category at her campus, all secondary grade level campuses and district overall.  Adkins originally started at Stafford Middle School and, this year, got an opportunity to teach former students once again at Stafford High School. In the classroom, she utilizes Socratic seminars to encourage students to interact and seek a deeper understanding while discussing a variety of topics dealing with humanities.

Mohr won the Rookie Teacher of the Year category on her campus, all secondary grade level campuses and district overall. From her own years in high school, Mohr has always had a passion for writing and journalism. She loves applying her real-life experience with students more than anything and firmly believes that building relationships is a major key to success in the classroom.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Bostic said, “We have stellar teachers and we’re honored to have them represent SMSD in Region 4 and Texas. They’re outstanding educators and we are lucky to have them.”

All five campuses at Stafford MSD each selected a Teacher and Rookie Teacher of the Year, respectively. The Stafford Early Childhood Center selected Johanna Chesser and Endia Hedgepeth. The Stafford Elementary School selected Angel Porter and James Mas. The Stafford Middle School selected Byron Thompson and Melton Finley. The STEM Magnet Academy selected Carolina Sievers and Vandana Kalanee.

The district would like to express extreme gratitude to every employee including operations, support, clerical, teachers and administration. Every individual plays a significant role on campus and makes the district an exponentially better place for Spartan students and success. A collection of videos for employees of the year has been added to a playlist on the district’s YouTube channel.