Special Exhibition: Collection of History, Mystery and Wonder Sponsors Visit for Tour

Susan Correa, Colleen Fox, Jen Rizzo, Emily Calbert, Katie Parsons and Gillian Parker.

Modern museums originated during the Renaissance in privately-owned collections of extraordinary objects.  These collections were gathered by noblemen,  scholars, warriors and explorers, who were fueled by a burgeoning interest in human and natural history.   The collections were often viewed by friends in a designated room at home, then in multiple rooms as the collection expanded and finally, to entire buildings.

At the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) at Sugar Land, visitors can imagine a visit to the home of one of these “collectors” and explore the eight galleries dedicated to the curious, the strange and the inexplicable!  A different theme in each chamber tells the story of a curious person who’s gatherings may have been augmented by the purchase of exotica from sailors returning to port or from commissioned travelers who brought specimens from far-off places.

HMNS at Sugar Land Museum Director Adrienne Barker recently welcomed board members from the Fort Bend Junior Service League for a viewing and tour of the exhibit. FBJSL serves as the exhibits local sponsor. “The Fort Bend Junior Service League is excited with how fantastic the exhibit is. There is truly something for everyone to see and explore. We feel very privileged to be able to make this exhibit possible for area residents. Sponsoring the exhibit is a great way for the Service League to meet its commitment to education in Fort Bend County,” said FBJSL President Jen Rizzo.   

You, too, can explore and understand the wondrous world we live in and come to realize, in the famous words of Dorothy Parker, “There is no cure for curiosity!”  Admission to Collection of History, Mystery and Wonder is a separate ticket and includes entrance to the permanent exhibit halls. For tickets or more information, visit www.hmns.org/sugarland or call 281-313-2277.

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