September 2019 – Exclamation Points!

Momma and my favorite Kassidi Kaminski.

It’s Time to Get Out the Vote! –

I know what you are thinking:  There’s no election in September? Yes, there is!  September is the month that readers vote for their Focus Favs!  Vote online or mail in the ballot on page 30 for your favorite restaurant, store, hospital, bar – you name it!  The winners will be announced in our December 2019 issue. Voting ends September 30th so be sure to take a moment and cast your ballot!

Speaking of favorites, this month’s Home Is Where the Heart Is features some of our favorite professionals when it comes to renovating, maintaining – even selling – your home.  Check out tips from the pros in this section on page 35.

My favorite Kolton Kaminski and Momma.

When it comes to wellness, Dr. Shelena Lalji is another focus favorite featured in this issue.  With her devotion to customized care and her root cause approach, Dr. Shel is transforming lives beginning with her own family.  Her husband’s, Dr. Ayeez Lalji, diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) has set Dr. Shel on a path to help individuals with multiple neurodegenerative diseases, including hosting a North American summit of 37 health professionals from around the world and establishing a foundation to help find a cure for ALS. Learn about the Lalji ALS Foundation at

My kids often claim – to one another, of course – to be my favorite.  To me, they are both known for saying, “I love how we don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favorite, right Momma?”  To which I always reply, “Right baby.”  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite – or favorites – in our Focus Favs!

Stay focused!