Ruth Stubenrouch: Painter of Happiness

Ruth Stubenrouch

Since a neighbor introduced little Ruth Stubenrouch to drawing and painting, she has always found happiness through the art of others and then naturally to her own ability to convey delight to others.

With subjects varying from elephants, Texas boots and burnt Colorado forests to abstract canvases with many messages, her talents are now concentrated on large, room beautifying abstract canvases.

Stubenrouch learned composition, perspective and design from her teacher, Caroline Graham, as well as professional watercolor techniques. She has also studied under world-famous Steven Quiller of Creede, Colorado.  Her techniques were furthered by Lani Anderson at the Sugar Land Art Center and Gallery, where she was introduced to acrylic painting.

Stubenrouch’s fascination with abstract acrylics is apparent in all of her current offerings.  She enjoys the freedom when creating a large acrylic abstract. “My art makes me smile,” shared the artist.

Now painting only acrylics and specializing in larger size canvases, Stubenrouch can be found daily in her studio at Sugar Land Art Center and Gallery.  Commissions can be arranged for beautiful homes with special decor needs.  Please contact Stubenrouch at or 281-236-2941.