Riverstone Adds “Big Dog” to Community Art Displays

June Tang with the 500 pound “Big Dog” at  Riverstone’s 3.5 acre Bark Park.

June Tang with the 500 pound “Big Dog” at
Riverstone’s 3.5 acre Bark Park.

Riverstone’s Bark Park just received a big addition – one that weighs about 500 pounds. Installation of a Cor-Ten weathered-steel canine art structure was recently completely alongside the park fence, giving Riverstone residents even more to dig about the 3.5 acre park. It is the second time the eight-foot-tall by 10 foot-long sculpture has visited Fort Bend County. Last year, it was part of a temporary art display, The Big Dog Show, featuring 20 of the steel canines in Sienna Plantation.

“The big dogs were so popular at our Home Tour exhibit last year, we thought a permanent installation in Riverstone would be intriguing for residents and a nice complement to our existing public art displays found through the community,” said Trey Reichert, vice president and general manager of Riverstone.

Riverstone’s Big Dog is the creation of award-winning metal sculptor Dale Rogers of Haverhill, Massachusetts. The artwork traveled 1,900 miles from the northeast to its permanent home in Fort Bend County. The canine structure complements an array of outdoor art displays in Riverstone. Bronze deer, birds and other pieces can be found throughout Riverstone.

Visit www.riverstone.com for more information.