Retail Therapy

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Retail therapy with our new bestie Kevin.

Never underestimate the power of some solid retail therapy.  Of course, said therapy is only most effective when you have an amazing shopping sister and a phenomenal, sassy sales associate to hold your hand – and your champagne as needed.  Let me just say, when it comes to Cousin Suzie and I shopping, we require significant hand holding and copious quantities of champagne.  And for some reason, it always results in us having an amazing day, and it saves Mr. Kamsinki and Cousin Vernon thousands in medical expenses and undo time on a shrink’s sofa.

Of course, there is a distinct correlation between consuming libations and loosening the reins on your wallet.  It’s a beautiful experience, and when handled correctly by expert shoppers and retail consultants, results in no feeling bad the next day – for either indulgence.

On a recent medically advised shopping spree – I do have a physician’s note and can get y’all one if you need it – Cousin Suzie and I found ourselves in our happy place:  Neiman Marcus.  We could live there, and I sincerely believe they would have us as permanent guests – no questions asked.  We would just need to bring a toothbrush.  Everything else we could possibly need is there, including a bar and a restaurant.  There’s really no sound reason to ever leave.

In the majestic marketplace, we met our retail spirit guide Kevin.  Kevin has been with Neiman’s for 35 years solely in the shoe salon.  But not to fret, Kevin has purchasing prowess in every department; he would never be one to limit our therapy solely to footwear.  He loves us more than that.

I would like to tell y’all we spent a nominal amount of time with Kevin.  We did not.  We almost stayed long enough to change our mailing address, and I did give that a fair amount of consideration.  At one point, we left our beloved Neiman’s – leaving our bags with our beloved Kevin – as well as leaving him enough time to grab lunch as I am quite certain we were wearing him out, and he needed the energy as we were not done with our session.

We spent the majority of the day there as extensive therapy requires a commitment.  We were nothing if not committed.  Eight pairs of shoes, a fabulous handbag, and several glasses of champagne later, voila!  We were healed.  It was a retail revelation; it was a miraculous recovery.

Now I’ve never been involved in other types of therapy, but I highly recommend retail therapy.  It’s long-lasting as the items you procure are in it with you for a long time to come.  Plus, you meet the most amazing people!  We’ll miss you Kevin, but we’ll be back as the need arises – and as soon as our credit cards work again.  See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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