Raising Autism Awareness Among Teens: Hope For Three Teen Huddle

Kylie Kilfoy.

Teen Huddle, a program provided by Hope For Three Autism Advocates, is an auxiliary group of 20 teens and volunteers with a mission to increase autism awareness and acceptance among teens. On a regular basis, this group of teens provides parents of children with autism a time out and special sibling sessions to encourage support and friendships among siblings.

Soon, the Teen Huddle will need to replace one of its extraordinary leaders. Co-chair Kylie Kilfoy will graduate from Ridge Point High and go on to her educational destiny.

Kilfoy has stood out as a Hope For Three volunteer over the last four years, not only energizing the Teen Huddle program, along with co-chair Faith BorkatakyVarma, but she also added to its experience by creating “Connecting 4 A Cause.” Earlier this spring, Kilfoy and her friends, Lilly Cordover and Allie Schlom, brought together 20 adults with autism or intellectual and or developmental disabilities, to foster new friendships and opportunities in the Fort Bend community.

“Joining Hope For Three, following in the footsteps of my sister, has been much more than rewarding,” said Kilfoy. “I’ve gained confidence, the ability to lead and public speak, and it has even inspired my future career goals as an international nonprofit executive director.”

Kilfoy graduates in May and will head to John Brown University in Arkansas where she will continue playing soccer at a collegiate level and major in international finance. At Hope For Three alone, Kilfoy has racked up countless volunteer hours and hopes others will find volunteering as rewarding as she has over the last four years.

“Volunteering can help you grow as a person, change your perspective and turn you into someone who makes a difference in people’s lives,” said Kilfoy. “I encourage other students to get involved in Hope For Three or something else they are passionate about. Don’t be afraid, be authentic, and in turn, you’ll be rewarded in many ways.”

Kilfoy is one of hundreds of volunteers for Hope For Three, a local nonprofit which provides activities for and support to  families living with autism spectrum disorder.

“As an organization that serves more than 3,900 in Fort Bend County alone, our volunteers are vital to Hope For Three’s success,” said Chief Executive Officer Darla Farmer. “Kylie is a standout volunteer who has remarkably served the Teen Huddle and beyond. We wish her the best in Arkansas and will truly miss her assistance at Hope For Three supporting the families and children we serve.”

To learn more about Hope For Three, or to provide volunteer services or a tax-deductible donation, contact Hope For Three at call 281-245-0640 or visit hopeforthree.org.