Radiology Partners Houston: How Interventional Radiologists Have Transformed Healthcare

Radiology Partners Houston is a physician-owned, locally-led radiology practice in the Houston area. The practice offers highly specialized experience in every facet of vascular and interventional radiology, as well as interventional oncology. Interventional Radiologists perform procedures with reduced risks to patients, shorter hospital stays, enhanced comfort, a lower cost of treatment, and overall quicker recovery. These physicians work with other subspecialists to offer patients state-of-the-art options, often providing the first step in a patients’ care.

Dr. Jaideep Barge has successfully expanded Interventional Radiology services offered to Sugar Land and its’ surrounding areas. Specializing in minimally invasive image-guided alternatives to open surgery, Dr. Barge has been able to enhance the ability to diagnose and treat various diseases with no more than a tiny cut in the skin. An example of this care can be seen by a patient who has undergone a uterine fibroid embolization. Through a small incision, blood vessels are accessed and treated to stop blood flow to tumors, which ultimately shrinks them. The patient is home within 24 hours. Treating other conditions from peripheral vascular disease to metastatic disease to the liver, Dr. Barge’s expertise continues to develop a wider range of options for patients to be treated closer to home.

Dr. Barge is located at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital and offers clinic time to patients next door to the main building at 17510 W Grand Parkway, Suite 320. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 713-242-4046 or visit