Privacy in Purchasing

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Caught red-handed in my purchasing prowess.

I don’t advertise my purchases.  I have a job, and my credit cards work; therefore, I feel a limited at best obligation to share my shopping soirees with Mr. Kaminski.  Sure, there are times when I will provide cursory details to the money man, but all in all, I keep my expenditures to myself.

That, of course, excludes purchases of significant magnitude and, of course, sharing with my girlfriends. I’ll run an overtly lavish expenditure past Mr. Kaminski, but in all fairness, I have bought cars and real estate without full disclosure.  That power of attorney is a thing of beauty – that and having your own company and credit.  I highly recommend it to my female friends.  It’s a winning combination.  Plus, I’m really good at spinning a tale upon demand should the situation require such oration.

For my besties, I have an obligation of sincere sisterhood to share the details of fabulous finds.  Everybody knows that.  And I do.  Take the other night for instance.  I met Noell for a long overdue glass of vino so we could catch up.  I wore the cutest little vest I just bought, and she immediately expressed admiration for it, so, of course, she tried it on.  After providing all of the pertinent details and promising to get her one when my path crossed the retail establishment again, we commenced with catching up.

It’s a code with my girls:  You like it, I got it, I’ll get you one.  That’s girlfriend 101.  In fact, there are many times I just go ahead and purchase two of the same items knowing full well that Lisa Ann will likely take it from me if I don’t – and vice versa – as we wear the same size in virtually everything.  The funny thing is we will show up at the same place at the same time wearing the same item without ever conversing about it in advance.  We’re scary like that, and in many other ways, so I’m told.

Unfortunately, the vest acquisition came with a red flag that Mr. Kaminski immediately noticed as he helped me don it when leaving:  I had left the tag on it.  So, I had to cop to that purchase and couldn’t feign forgetfulness at the cost.  Good thing for me it wasn’t expensive.  That and the fact that long ago, Mr. Kaminski learned to choose his battles.  Garments garnering a price tag under a certain amount no longer phase him.  I think that’s healthy – for him.  There’s just no need to get your pressure up over things you cannot control.

Actually, I think that’s a significant mantra for the coming year – one I will readily adopt:  Don’t get your pressure up over things you cannot control.  Now that football season is over, I believe I can do that.  See y’all next week – on the porch!

Patti Parish-Kaminski

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