Out with the Old – In with the New: Resolutions for 2021

Last year was one for the record books – and unfortunately, not in the most positive of ways.  But, hope springs eternal for 2021!  In this issue, we asked some or our friends and neighbors what their hopes, plans and yes, resolutions for the new year are now that we can definitely say goodbye to 2020!

The Patel Family.

“2020 has taught us all the power of human connection on our collective psyche and that spending quality time with loved ones should never be taken for granted. That is why I am resolving to have more frequent, one-on-one date nights with all of my boys!” ~ Malisha Patel, Senior Vice President and CEO, Memorial Hermann Southwest and Sugar Land Hospitals

“My hope for 2021 is that our community and country will find physical, emotional and spiritual healing following the challenges encountered through the COVID-19 pandemic. My resolution for 2021 is to be more grateful for blessings in my life – health, friends, family, along with the little opportunities and accomplishments each day. I plan to purposefully schedule time to go to the beach or fish in the bay and enjoy the wonderful Texas sunshine.” ~ Janet Leatherwood, Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

Harry Chen and Sally Shen.

“2020 has been restrictive and challenging, to say the least. In 2021, with widespread vaccination against COVID-19, I look forward to less mental stress for our community while we resume normal activities although still maintaining masking, hand hygiene, social distancing but without the fear of losing loved ones from catching the virus. I plan to focus on relationships, attending my son’s postponed destination wedding, spend more time outdoors with my husband, and memorize Scripture to improve my perspective and resilience.” ~ Sally Shen, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital.

Dr. Ivan and
Ruthanne Mefford.

“My wish is to bring an end to the suffering and loss of lives that COVID has had on so many of our friends and family. My hope is to resume travel to visit my children and grandchildren who I miss terribly. My resolution is to get back to the gym.” ~ Ruthanne Mefford, Chief Executive Officer, Child Advocates of Fort Bend

Grandparents Vincent and Regina with Parker, Madelyn and William Morales.

“What do they say about hindsight? That it’s 20/20?! With that expression in mind, 2020 has taught me many things and reinforced my existing values of family, faith, community, and service. And no new years’ resolution would be complete without losing a few pounds as well!” ~ Commissioner Precinct 1, Vincent Morales

Laura, David, Paulette, Joe and Jake Freudenberger.

“In 2021, the Freudenbergers are looking forward to a return to normalcy, when we can visit with our extended family and celebrate our son David’s marriage to Caitlin Pruitt. We resolve to be thankful for the gifts we have been given of good health, a wonderful family and great friends.” ~ Joe Freudenberger, Chief Executive Officer, OakBend Medical Center

“We’ve seen many ups and downs in 2020 as a community and as a hospital, but dedication and resilience have shined through. I have great optimism for 2021. I am proud to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and I hope all my neighbors and colleagues take it too so we can work together toward returning to normal. I look forward to taking a vacation and hugging people again. I’m a big hugger.” ~ Patricia “Tricia” S. Lewis, ICU Nursing Director, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital