OakBend Medical Center Announces 2019 Physician of The Year

Dr. Long Cao with Joe Freudenberger, CEO OakBend Medical Center

Dr. Long Cao, M.D., FACC has received the 2019 Physician of the Year Award from OakBend Medical Center. The other nominees were Dr. David Chao and Dr. Chris Chen.

The Physician of the Year award, OakBend’s highest recognition, is presented annually to one outstanding physician who possesses significant practice experience, compassion, kindness and sincerity that translates not only to their patients, but to their nurses and other staff members that work closely with them. These physicians look and act professional at all times and are a role model both professionally and personally.

According to Joe Freudenberger, CEO of OakBend Medical Center, “Dr. Cao is excellent at making the complex simple. He is the ultimate team player and is there for all events and participates.”

Dr. Long Cao was born in Vietnam and raised in Houston.  With the support and encouragement of his parents, his lifelong dream of being a physician became a reality. Cao graduated magna cum laude from Baylor University and is a medical graduate of the University of Texas. He completed his residency training at Baylor College of Medicine and his Cardiology Fellowship in North Carolina.  He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease. He is also certified in Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology and Vascular Interpretation. With a passion for teaching, Dr. Cao was an Associate Professor for Medicine and a public speaker where he enjoys speaking on cardiac disease and cardiac prevention awareness.

A father of three, Dr. Cao enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring the outdoors, traveling and painting. He speaks English, Vietnamese and Spanish.

Accepting the award, Cao stated, “I never expected this, especially knowing Dr. Chen and Dr. Chao, they are way more deserving of this. I didn’t expect this yet; I wanted to work toward it. I saw Dr. Ceballos and Dr. Aly had received this award and I always wanted to work up to it and to be deserving of it. Now that I have received this, I’m going to keep working hard and make sure I deserve it.”