OakBend Medical Center Announces 2016 Physician of the Year

Joe Freudenberger, Dr. Gildardo Andres Ceballos and Jeff Council.

Joe Freudenberger, Dr. Gildardo Andres Ceballos and Jeff Council.

Dr. Gildardo Andres Ceballos has been named OakBend Medical Center’s 2016 Physician of the Year. The presentation was made at the annual physician party held at the Jackson Street Campus. The hospital received several nominations for the Physician of the Year award, and Ceballos was praised for his support of OakBend Medical Center and the OakBend Medical Group staff and for being someone who is friendly and smiles at everyone he encounters.

The Physician of the Year award, OakBend’s highest recognition, is presented annually to one outstanding physician who possesses significant practice experience, compassion, kindness and sincerity that translates not only to their patients, but to their nurses and other staff members who work closely with them. These physicians look and act professional at all times and are a role model both professionally and personally.

According to Donna Ferguson, vice president and chief operating officer of OakBend Medical Group, “Dr. Ceballos always looks to resolve issues in a positive and collaborative manner. His excellence shows in his patients who trust and admire him, and he has the ability to make each patient feel special.”

Ceballos is board certified in internal medicine, and his style of practice is to be attentive to his patients’ needs while providing education and care. Ceballos is a Fort Bend County resident who speaks fluent Spanish as well as English.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” said Ceballos. “I’m very proud of OakBend and all of the physicians here. We are here for the patients, and I thank all of the doctors and specialists for what they do. I am really excited about receiving this award.”

“Dr. Ceballos is a warm and genuine person, as well as a warm and caring doctor. He is extremely deserving of the Physician of the Year Award,” stated Joe Freudenberger, chief executive officer of OakBend Medical Center. “He is a hard worker and dedicated to his patients and to this community. His patients adore him, and his colleagues respect him.”