November 2021 – Exclamation Points!

Fall, Festivities and Philosophies –

Tim and Patti Kaminski enjoying the blessing of being out and about at the PetSet Gala.

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year, and around here, fall really doesn’t begin until November. Now I know what the calendar says, but I also know what the temperature gauge says, and in my book, fall in Texas starts in November.

This issue is full of fall fun perfect for the entire family. From our treasured favorites like the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land’s Jingle Tree and the Arc of Fort Bend’s Best in the West to a new and exciting magical experience called The Great Pumpkin Round Up at The George Ranch, fall festivities abound in Fort Bend.  It’s just the perfect time of year to be with family and friends enjoying all of the opportunities our community has to offer.   

In this issue we also share the story of a remarkable team that is providing incredible opportunities for our community and its surrounding areas. Dhanani Private Equity Group is not only providing remarkable returns to its investors, they are committed to utilizing local businesses and giving back through their foundation.  CEO and founder Nadyrshah “Nick” Dhanani has built his real estate development and private equity firm with a solid collaborative approach with both investors and team members.  Read about Dhanani’s philosophy on page 8.

My personal philosophy is something that I tend to think on quite a bit.  While my specific ideas vary from topic to topic, I personally believe that Thanksgiving isn’t simply one day out of 365.  I believe that Thanksgiving is an attitude, a philosophy if you will, of an inherent gratitude that is present in our daily lives.  While so many of us have endured hardships over the past two years, I remain so thankful for all of the blessings in our lives – the big ones and the little ones that we receive each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving Fort Bend friends, as indeed I count you all – our advertisers, readers, subscribers and community – as great blessings.  I wish you and your families a year full of gratitude.

Stay focused!