No Grain, No Pain: Editorial Review by JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS, Author of The Virgin Diet and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet

FOCUS ON HEALTH | By Dr. Peter Osborne –

The whole-grain goodness myth reigned supreme when I began training clients a few decades ago. To even question whether cereal or oatmeal could become unhealthy seemed akin to blasphemy within the nutrition world. Regardless of popular opinion, I often noticed when my clients ate grains and other so-called healthy foods, they felt terrible, became bloated and struggled to lose fat. It was almost like the very foods they were “supposed” to eat held their weight and health hostage. Something seemed amiss, and eventually I coined the term “weight loss resistance” to describe people who couldn’t consistently lose weight despite their most stalwart efforts.

Later, when I started testing for food intolerances, I found about 70 percent of my clients reacted to gluten and several other highly reactive foods. Fascinating things happened almost immediately when they eliminated these foods from their diets. Almost overnight, they felt better, suffered less pain, enjoyed more energy, and that stubborn fat finally disappeared. Gluten-free is hot today, but even a decade ago, almost nobody knew what the heck this arcane-sounding protein was or why eating a seemingly healthy food could create such metabolic havoc. Conventional wisdom is finally catching up. As the movement makes headway, emerging science finds that going and staying gluten-free can do incredible things like reducing inflammation, obesity and insulin resistance. Gluten provides a great example about how mainstream medical thinking often falls behind or neglects the underlying roots of disease.

If you constantly struggle with pain, you can bet a dozen pharmaceutical drugs exist to solve this or whatever problem you suffer. But that fails to address the bigger problem. What causes that pain? What if eliminating highly reactive foods like gluten and implementing some simple but powerful lifestyle strategies could radically alter your problem? As a functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Peter Osborne asks those big, bold questions to address the underlying culprits that become health thieves and contribute to nearly every disease on the planet.

That approach becomes the foundation for No Grain, No Pain: Osborne looks at biochemical individuality to show how hidden gluten in foods like corn and rice make you sick, tired and overweight. Going gluten-free helps, but manufacturers have become quick to turn this into a profitable industry. A gluten-free, high-sugar cookie ultimately becomes a cookie, period. Besides, it turns out it isn’t just gluten that creates problems. Osborne digs deeper and challenges traditional gluten-free diets to explain why they don’t always work.

More importantly, he finds what does work, providing a 30 day grain-free road map that also eliminates soy, dairy and other potentially problematic foods to help you feel better, relieve pain and finally attain fast, lasting fat loss. Osborne’s research dives deep into gut, brain and other areas to show how grains contribute to everything from autoimmunity gut issues to brain health. Along the way, he blows out some widely circulated myths about grains and also other foods. His approach becomes comprehensive but not encyclopedic or difficult to understand, allowing you to do the detective work, consult an integrative practitioner if necessary and determine what might be creating your problems. Osborne provides a comprehensive list of foods to avoid. He discusses lifestyle strategies like sleep, stress, exercise and environmental toxins that, taken together, radically shift your health.

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