No Grain, No Pain

FOCUS ON HEALTH | By Dr. Peter Osborne –

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Osborne’s new book, No Grain, No Pain.

Maybe you’ve been told that your pain is “all in your head.” Perhaps you’ve tried a variety of different therapies and prescription drugs without success. You’re tired, you’re hurting and you’re fed up.

It happens to countless Americans every year: patients go to doctors’ offices seeking relief and leave with a handful of prescriptions. Those medications work for a time, then stop – or they may never work at all. Millions of people risk becoming dependent on painkillers, never realizing that the very drugs they are taking to fight pain are actually interfering with their body’s own natural healing process, making them feel sicker and more depleted every day. What if there was a better option to combat pain? What if it didn’t involve drugs at all, but rather a way of healing your discomfort and pain from the inside out?

This alternative approach is known as functional medicine, and it’s a methodology that’s gaining more adherents among both doctors and patients alike. Functional medicine focuses on identifying the root causes of disease rather than treating the symptoms, in order to implement meaningful prevention and treatment methods. This approach encourages a true partnership between patient and doctor. The goal is not just to return the patient to health, but also to teach him or her how to remain healthy and prevent disease, and in the process, become less dependent on the doctor. It’s obvious that change is needed. Americans spend billions of dollars a year on medical treatments and medications. Why, then, do we remain among the world’s sickest people?

Some of it is due to the fact that most doctors spend very little time with patients. Medical schools don’t train physicians how to ascertain the origin of disease; instead, they are taught to eliminate symptoms with drugs that manipulate the body’s chemistry. I’m not saying that this kind of medicine (and doctors who practice it) isn’t well intentioned. But I do think there’s a different, better way. Each person has a unique set of genetics and biochemistry, and an equally unique set of environmental and lifestyle factors, all of which interact with one another.

In my book No Grain, No Pain, I convey the principles of health from a functional medicine viewpoint. Instead of relying on synthetic drugs, functional medicine seeks to understand a patient’s overall medical history, lifestyle and environmental factors using specialized lab tests, as well as a comprehensive physical evaluation. In part 1, I simplify the science of why grain causes pain. We discuss how inflammation is at the root of all pain. You’ll learn how to escape what I call the “cycle of pain” and avoid “gluten-free whiplash.” You’ll also come to understand the link between your brain and your gut, as well as the role that grain plays in obesity and other metabolic diseases. Then, in part 2, we’ll move on to the actual 30 day program, which will help you rid your diet of grain and other problematic foods and make other lifestyle changes, so you, too, can start feeling better and living pain free. Read on!

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