Momma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up …

Momma’s baby: Kolton W.

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Willie and Waylon said, “Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” I disagree because I really don’t want my babies to grow up at all. I don’t care if the baby of our bunch is turning 264 months or – gulp – 22 years old today. He’s still my baby – and frankly, he is his sister’s baby as well. Always will be.

As I have grown older – not so gracefully at times – I will say that I detest the passing of time. It goes way too fast for me, and I am not a runner. I don’t have the shoes, I don’t have the outfits and I loathe sweating. I can’t catch up to time no matter how hard I try. This never-ending race has taught me a couple of things, however. First, soak in every moment for what it is – savor the moments because they are fleeting. Second, I really do not rush well. Tim Kaminski can attest to that.

Last year my precious baby turned 21 during the pandemic. There was no Vegas trip, no huge celebration – just the uncertainty of what the coming months would hold. And Kolton, well, he took on the challenge of the Corona crisis like a pro. For milestone birthdays, I write letters to my children. Yes, they likely roll their eyes and stuff them in a drawer somewhere, but that does not discourage me in the least. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote to Kolton for the Crummy Corona 21:

“You were born yesterday, and now today, you are turning 21 – my 252 month-old baby. Selfishly, the joy that you have given me knows no boundaries. And now I see you as a man, and I see what that looks like. It looks strong. It looks handsome. It looks witty. It looks resilient and extremely tenacious. It looks loving. It looks kind. It looks inspiring. It looks both benevolent and ambitious.

My world: Kolton W., Kassidi and Mr. Kaminski.

It also looks cautious. You’re turning 21 during a worldwide pandemic, and that’s the reality. But this reality, this current situation, means opportunity. You are already seeing that – and seizing opportunities that have presented themselves – and I’m so proud of your mindset. Carpe diem has never meant more than it does right now.

Appreciate the value of your family and of your true friends, and your friends who become family. They will carry you through the toughest of times – and they have.

Revere the bond with your sister. It is – she is – a precious gift to you, and her loyalty and love knows no bounds when it comes to her ‘Bubby.’

Momma will always love you the most, despite what anyone says. And always remember, I will fight a grizzly bear for you and win – every time.”

My tiny baby has thrived during this past year – in school, in an internship that turned into a job, in relationships and in life. This year has taught us so much, and my baby has transitioned into a man. Now don’t let that go to your head Kolton W.; you are still momma’s baby.

Happy Birthday to one of the most precious gifts I have ever received – and stop this growing up thing so fast. All my love and respect from your one and only – Momma.

See y’all next week – on the porch!


Patti Parish-Kaminski

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