Meet Z’Nae Mangum

HIGH SCHOOL HOT SHOT | By Joan Frances –

A senior at Thurgood Marshall High School in Missouri City, Z’Nae Mangum has spent the last four years achieving unprecedented success in academics, athletics and extracurricular activities. She is a leader who has earned the respect of her teachers, administrators and peers. With her ardent compassion and commitment, Z’Nae is on her way to a very successful future.

Z’Nae has accomplished academic excellence during her high school career, achieving Honor Roll recognition with a grade point average of 3.7 and a class rank of 6. She is the National Honor Society president, Student Council historian and senior class president. Z’Nae reflected, “Being a leader of the many organizations I am a part of has made me a better person and helped me stay on track with being an amazing role model, student and person.”

Z’Nae also was a member of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and is an active member of Precious Pearls, an organization that guides youth, especially girls, in developing healthy self-esteem and achieving their goals while fostering their unique gifts and strengths. One value that Z’Nae lives by is dedication. “No matter my situation physically or personally, I always stay strong and finish strong. I would rather lose and know that I tried and never gave up than to give up and lose. I go for it and aim to get it done 10 times better than expected.”

In addition to her academic strengths, dancing is Z’Nae’s authentic talent. She has been a member of Thurgood Marshall High School’s dance team all four years and is the captain. Her favorite teachers, Ginger Kiser and Ashley White, have helped her succeed in this skillfully expressive art. “Ms. Kiser not only helped me progress as a dancer but as a professional young lady as well. Setting and expecting nothing but high expectations helped set a better bar for me as well. Ms. White was not just a teacher but also a shoulder to lean on in times of cheers and bad times. They both showed me that they don’t just do their jobs for their paychecks, but they really do love their jobs and care for the students as well. For that, I’m grateful to have had them in my life.”

Z’Nae cherishes all of the teachers she has had the privilege of knowing throughout her learning experience and the many opportunities that she has been blessed to receive and be a part of. “My teachers have not only helped me with my education for school but in the outside world as well. Because of them, I know more and can say that I won’t go into the adult world clueless. I treasure all of the opportunities and organizations I’ve been a part of, for they have helped me as a person and have been good networking opportunities for college and internships as well. High school has not been easy, but my teachers and the organizations were all part of my motivation.”

In her free time, Z’Nae has volunteered at Missouri City Raiderettes and Begal Cheer team, assisting in dance and competitive routines. She works at Studio V. Dance, Inc. as the junior assistant choreographer and manager. Z’Nae was accepted to Sam Houston State University and Prairie View A&M University. She has chosen to attend Prairie View A&M University in the fall and will major in biology and minor in dance. Congratulations on your undeniable talent, commitment and leadership skills Z’Nae. We look forward to watching you impact society in your future.