Meet Zachary Natt

By Joan Frances –

Zachary Natt

Students at Stafford High School enjoy every educational opportunity the district has to offer. In addition to the highly qualified academic requirements, sports and extracurricular activities play a big role in their achievements. One senior who has accomplished success in every aspect of his education is Zachary Natt.

Natt has attained academic success throughout his years in high school. During his sophomore year, he was a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA), where he received the FFA Greenhand Award and the Career Development in Entomology Award.  He also raised a pig and was a swine exhibitor at the Houston Rodeo. Since freshman year, Natt has been involved in welding, which is his favorite class. He has mastered the art of welding, specializing in metal inert gas (MIG),  tungsten inert gas (TIG), stick, plasma cutter and torches. He is a member of the Welding Team, and they are the Skills USA Regionals and State competition winners.

Natt has two teachers who made an impact in his education. “Coach William Taylor and Mr. Jerry Crow.  Coach Taylor was my History teacher, as well as my powerlifting coach. He is a favorite because his class is fun and the way he taught the material was easy to understand. I liked his class so much, I missed mastery on the end-of-course exam by one point.  Mr. Crow is my welding teacher. He teaches my favorite class and has so much information and stories about welding that I like to hear about.”

One value Natt lives by is respect. “This is something my parents have instilled in my siblings and I since we were little. I must have respect for myself and the others around me. Laurence Stern said, ‘Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.’”

Natt has been engaged in athletics throughout his high school career. He is a member of the track team, where he competes in shotput and discus. He is a varsity powerlifter and has played football since he was a freshman. This past year, he was Second Team All Defense. Because of his years of experience playing this challenging sport, he is a mentor to the younger players. “I am looked at as a leader on the football team because I am coachable a hard worker, committed, dependable and follow through with my assigned tasks. It is fulfilling to be a leader because I get to help my teammates. I am a role model for those younger than me, and it shows me that my coaches believe in me.”

Natt has cherished his years in school and said, “One thing I will treasure the most about my high school experience is the friends I have met and the friendships I have made over the years.”

In addition to his school commitments, Natt volunteers at the Houston Food Bank, Volunteer Houston, Stafford Primary and helped in the community clean-up after Hurricane Harvey. He enjoys traveling; his most memorable trip was the one he took with a group of staff and students from Stafford during spring break this year. He traveled with Education First Tours for nine days to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. He enjoyed zip-lining, canoeing, boat rides, the ocean and trying new foods.

Natt is looking at several options but has not narrowed down a college yet. He is moving forward to complete his welding certification and will major in mechanical engineering. Congratulations Zachary Natt on your accomplishments and generous spirit. Good luck as you take the next step to fulfilling your ambitions in the future.