Meet Trevor Jenkins

Trevor Jenkins

Trevor Jenkins

By Joan Frances –

Trevor Jenkins is an exceptional senior. He is not the kind of student who looks for recognition or praise; he is humble, grateful and gives back to the community. With the help of a strong family bond, and his school, Fusion Academy in Sugar Land, his future is ardently waiting.

Trevor’s road to graduation has been a unique one. When his family moved to Houston from Austin in 2013, Trevor became overwhelmed with the large high schools in the area.  He struggled to find his place where he fit into this new, grander world. He quickly went from being very successful in school to discouraged and apathetic, wondering if he would even graduate. His parents discovered Fusion Academy, “where the goal is to meet each student right where they are, creating a meaningful connection, and finding the very best way to unlock each student’s passion for learning and discovery.”

Trevor conquered many challenges.  He went from being a near high school dropout to one of the top students in his class. One value Trevor lives by is compassion. “It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s how you deal with it, what you learn from it and how you apply that lesson to your life,” said Trevor. “I try to look at people for who they are and not just the mistakes they’ve made.”

When asked to choose a favorite teacher, he replied, “I really enjoy all my teachers so picking them individually is difficult, but I have really worked well with Megan Davenport, my English teacher, because I feel like she supports me and encourages me to be the best I can be. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know Frankson Collins, who taught me physics. He was able to break down complex concepts in a fun and easy way to understand and apply.”

Trevor’s forte is music. He plays the guitar and keyboard.  He has composed and recorded his own songs, and he likes all genres of music, from country to rap.  His original songs have a country flair. “Making music keeps me centered.  One of my favorite things about my school is they have a professional recording studio.  I’ve really enjoyed being able to create my own music.  Music has been a great way to express my thoughts in a creative way and keeps me focused.  Being able to learn guitar has been a fun way to meet and interact with other students and appreciate all kinds of musical styles.”

One thing Trevor will cherish about his high school experience is “learning how to overcome hardships and how to believe in myself.  I cherish the friends I have made in school, and the guidance and wisdom I’ve been able to learn from my teachers, who are great at encouraging while also challenging me.”

In addition to his commitment at school, Trevor generously donated over 100 volunteer service hours helping those in his community.  In 2016, he spent time with his church providing relief efforts for those impacted by the flooding around Baton Rouge. He recalled, “I realized how quickly you can lose everything and how I’ve taken so many things for granted for so much of my life.  Seeing the gratitude of those we helped after they had lost so much was a very humbling experience.”

Trevor will apply to attend college at the University of Houston or the University of Texas and will major in computer forensics where he hopes to work in the cyber-crime department of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Congratulations Trevor for never giving up on your dreams.  Good luck, as you take the next step to an incredibly successful future.