Meet Sydney Malpass

Meet Sydney Malpass

By Joan Frances –

Students at Ridge Point High School are fortunate to have many opportunities in academics, as well as extracurricular activities, to enhance their high school experience. One senior who has realized her talents and will be looking forward to taking the next step to a very exciting future is Sydney Malpass.

Malpass has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her years at Ridge Point. She has received the Academic Excellence Award all four years for her outstanding grades. She is a member of the National Art Honor Society. Malpass’ favorite teacher is Mrs. Lysa Huckaby, who is the head art teacher. “I started in her classes from freshman year. The thing that makes her so amazing is the personal connections she makes with all of her students. She continues to encourage her students to express themselves artistically and to explore new creative styles.”

Malpass’ forte is Theater; she has been engaged in acting for the past nine years. She has been involved in the total production experience, dramas, comedies, stylistic pieces, showcases, student directed shows, scenes and musical numbers in addition to technical theater. She spent time at the Texas and International Thespian Festival where she attended workshops on acting, dancing, improvisations, leadership and two student directed play marathon shows.

Malpass is President of Theater Troupe 7678. “Being the president is fulfilling because of how challenging it is. Balancing school work, directors’ influence and the interpersonal relationships of all of my troupe members is incredibly taxing, but at the end of the day when shows go up, when we finish volunteer events or when we finish cast parties, I am reminded why I put in so much work. It’s really because of the friends I’ve made in the troupe.”

At the University Interscholastic League (UIL) District One Act Play competition, the tech crew won the title of Best Technical Crew at both District and Bi-District, and Malpass won Best Technician at District.

Sydney in character as Pamela from The 39 Steps. Photo by Brook Lemley.

A value Malpass lives by is fulfillment. “Die with memories not dreams. I’ve always been a timid person, and through theatre, I have realized that’s held me back from so many opportunities, so I decided I needed to live my life to the fullest and not worry so much.”

The celebration of Malpass’ high school career centers on the significant people she has shared her life with. “When looking back on high school, I really cherish my friends, I’ve had a solid group of about seven girls with me since sophomore year, and the memories that stand out the most are all with them. From football games, seeing shows, to going to IHOP at 12 in the morning after our own performances, they’re always the ones I’m going to remember and cherish from my time at Ridge Point.”

In addition to her commitment to theater, Malpass is the publicity chair for Girl Up Club at the school. This is a growing grassroots movement of dedicated youth who have joined together to take action and change lives empowering girls to be independent and strong. Malpass is still undecided about a future college. She has been accepted into the University of Texas, Pace University, Columbia College Chicago and Studio School and will be majoring in Acting.

Congratulations Sydney Malpass on your talent and passion to be the best actor, leader and mentor to everyone you touch. Good luck as you continue to fulfill your vision to make a difference in this world in your future.