Meet Star Ni

Star Ni

By Joan Frances –

Currently ranked first in his class at Dulles High School, Star Ni has spent his high school career focused on excelling in academics. He is a mature, responsible and dedicated team member and leader, holding multiple officer positions. He is well-versed in many scientific subjects and competes in various math and science competitions. He also participates in diverse extracurricular activities, including a variety of clubs, piano, swimming and martial arts.

Star has taken AP classes throughout his years at Dulles and has a perfect score on the PSAT. He has consistently placed in the top 10 in high school competitions and is a member of the University Interscholastic League Science State Champion winning team for Dulles in 2017. His leadership skills are admirable. He has been a member of the National Honor Society,  Science National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. He was the Events and Activities Coordinator and Secretary of the Spanish Honor Society. “I find satisfaction in knowing that I have made a difference in my peers’ lives by being a positive influence and leading them through whatever challenges we face,” said Star.  “It’s important for everybody to have someone to look up to and to seek guidance from. Being a leader and role model is fulfilling to me because I’m filling this role for my peers as many others have done for me.”

Teachers contribute a big part to Star’s success. “Dulles High School has so many great teachers who have taught me not only the coursework but also valuable life lessons like a strong work ethic and the importance of teamwork,” shared Star.  “To name a few who truly made an impact on my life would be teachers like Mrs. Judy Matney, Mrs. Nancy Malone, Dr. John Day and Dr. Drew Poche.”

However, it is not only teachers who have made an impact on Star’s life. “If I were to look back on high school in ten years, it wouldn’t be the grueling coursework or late nights that I would remember,” said Star.  “It would be my teachers, friends and peers who would still hold a place in my heart. Without their guidance and friendship, high school would be nowhere nearly as great as it is.”

Star lives by the value of dedication. “No matter how hard life or school might get, you have to keep pushing and trying because the only way things will get better is when you make them better by improving yourself and never giving up.” In addition to his commitment to his school, Star generously devotes his free time to helping people. He is a volunteer at the CHI St. Luke’s Medical Center and has accumulated more than 100 hours of service working and shadowing doctors around several Intensive Care Units this summer. Star is currently president of the SciNow club, having worked his way up each year from being a member as a freshman to a team leader and then, supervisor.  In the SciNow club, Star and his team mentor elementary students through presentations and experiments to cultivate interest in science and prepare the students for later classes and competitions. Likewise, he volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club of Stafford, an after-school youth-development organization for underprivileged kids. He is also a fine pianist, an avid competitive swimmer and a first degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Kuk Sool Won.

Star aspires to attend Yale University in the fall and will enroll in one of their Pre-Med programs. Congratulations Star on your positive attitude and drive for success. We look forward to watching you impact our world in the future.