Meet Shane Gosson

Shane Gosson

Shane Gosson

By Joan Frances –

Ridge Point High School (RPHS) in Fort Bend Independent School District is the “Home of Scholars and Champions.” The school’s highly qualified teachers and administrators guide students through four years of education while implementing the motto, “There is No Limit to What We Can Achieve.” Seniors graduate fully prepared to take the next step in the journey to a successful future. One senior who has achieved success in all aspects of education, extracurricular activities and sports is Shane Gosson.

Shane excels in academics and is taking Advanced Placement math and science classes. He received the Journalism Award for his outstanding writing skills. He is also a member of the Kick-Off Mentor program. The purpose of the mentoring program is to welcome the new freshmen class to RPHS and create connections between upperclassmen and incoming students. This yearlong process creates positive, meaningful connections for every incoming student. Shane helps students feel more comfortable in a foreign environment. He also won the title of Mr. November 2016 in the Senior Cuties Contest this past fall.

200-shane1“Nothing in life comes easy,” said Shane. “I have learned that no matter what obstacles you may face, hard work and perseverance will turn your obstacles into memorable experiences. If everything in life comes easy, you will never know how strong you can be.”

Shane’s favorite teacher is Brittany Brown, his social studies teacher. “She is able to relate to her students on their level. She has a great sense of humor and carries herself very well. She is the ‘cool’ teacher who you respect, because she shows respect for her students. She is a great teacher, engages her students and make social studies an interesting subject to learn.”

Shane’s forte is football, which he has played most of his life. The team has achieved success as back to back district champions all four years, and this year, they advanced to and finished as state semifinalists. Shane is one of four varsity team captains and the quarterback, and he is one of the undeniable leaders on the team. This year, he was awarded 1st Team All-District Quarterback and the Mr. Panther Award.

When asked why being a leader is important to him, Shane said, “Being the quarterback definitely put me in a leadership role. It’s important to bring people together when there is a common goal. As a leader of the team, my teammates turn to me for motivation and look to me to keep the momentum going. When others trust you to be a leader, you are obligated to do the best job possible.”

One thing Shane will treasure most about his high school experience is his friends. “My core group of friends and I have played football together since we were in third and fourth grade. Our varsity football team had an amazing season this year. We made it all the way to the state semifinals and set some first-time records for our school. We are leaving a legacy, and we did it together our senior year.  That’s going out in style! Also, my mom works at my school, and although some kids may not think it’s cool to have your mom on campus every day, I am glad she has been there with me all four years.”

Shane is the recipient of a football scholarship and will attend Missouri Southern State University in the fall, where he plans to major in journalism. Congratulations on your devotion and talent Shane, and good luck as you continue on the path to success.