Meet Reshma Vilson

By Joan Frances –

Reshma Vilson

As a senior at Lawrence E. Elkins High School, Reshma Vilson has enjoyed four years of academics from highly qualified teachers, as well as engaging extracurricular activities. She has gained valuable knowledge, treasured friendships and is ready to take the next step to a successful future.                                                                  

Vilson has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school career and has earned AP Scholar recognition. She has also received the Academic Excellence Award, Southwest Airlines Professional Communications Certification and the University of Houston Academic Excellence Scholarship. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish and Science National Honor Society. Vilson is President of Keeping Elkins Beautiful Club and the Secretary for Young Women’s Leadership Club. She is also Event Coordinator for the Red Cross.

Vilson’s favorite teacher is Leah Caplan, who teaches English. “Mrs. Caplan has always given me positive encouragement and influences me to become a better person by setting an example to be a positive role model in my life, conveying happiness and integrity to those around her.  Never have I ever seen a teacher so happy when I come for tutorials. I love Mrs. Caplan.”

Vilson is a respected leader. “Every time I take a new responsibility, I get a new experience that allows me to understand more about my weaknesses and to overcome them. This makes me better prepared to take on the next adversity. Additionally, I personally find enjoyment in planning and coordinating activities for the organizations and my youth because it unifies the group. When many members come out, I feel fulfilled because their presence shows how they are listening to me and their satisfaction with me as their officer.”

In addition to her academic accomplishments, since she was five years old, Vilson has practiced Indian Classical Dance. She is certified in Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, types of Indian classical dance, and currently is working on certification in Mohiniyattam. In addition, she has danced many times for fundraising programs, various charities and other stages like the Indian Nurses Association.

A value Vilson lives by is commitment. “Personally, my values guide me, shape my life and actions and help me to reach my goals. I realize that I am a girl with average potentials, but whatever responsibility I take, I put my utmost effort to achieve the best result I possibly can. Therefore, the value I live by is hard work and commitment. Born as a Christian, I am committed to the faith and strive to learn more about my faith through both Bible studies and fellowship groups. Wherever I live, I want to reflect the good values like love, patience, respect and kindness. As a dancer, I am committed to show the audience, as well as myself, the best of my abilities by dedicating to practice at both the school and home.”

One memory Vilson will treasure the most from her high school experience is the social network she has gained. “Many of my teachers, counselors and friends are great people that I will be sure to keep in touch with even after high school. They have helped me in many things both inside and outside of school, and I am very grateful to have had them by my side.”

In the fall, Vilson will attend the University of Houston and major in Kinesiology. In the future, she hopes to go to medical school and become an oncologist. Congratulations Reshma Vilson for your admirable leadership skills, devoted faith and compassionate heart. Good luck as you take the next step to a rewarding future.