Meet Kyra Dillahunty

By Joan Frances –

Students at Kempner High School are offered numerous opportunities to excel in academics, fine arts and extracurricular activities. Seniors graduate ready to continue their education in a wide variety of career driven studies. One senior who is an asset to her school and is ready to take the next step in her exciting future is Kyra Dillahunty.

Dillahunty has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school career. She has achieved Academic Excellence recognition for her outstanding grades every year, and she was a member of the English Honor Society.

Dillahunty’s forte is art. She has been the President of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) for the past two years. Her talent for art has led her to consistent recognition at the Visual Art Scholastic Event every year. Her art teacher, Sara McKee, acknowledged her achievements. “Kyra is a highly organized, dedicated and an extremely creative student. This year, she is taking Three-Dimensional Advanced Placement, which is a college level course.”

Dillahunty explained, “For 3-D AP art, you are basically putting together a portfolio. You must create eight breath pieces, which are just random sculptures. Then there are eight concentration pieces. Later, during the AP test, you are required to write about a couple of your pieces and a concentration piece.”

Dillahunty’s favorite teacher is David Beal, her English III AP teacher. “He was entertaining and straightforward. Mr. Beal taught in a way that I would learn and also retain the information. He would veer off topic, but everything he said usually possessed some sort of lesson.”

One value Dillahunty lives by is determination. “Not letting people tell me what I can’t do and who I should be. Vince Lombardi said, ‘The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.’”

Dillahunty is a respected leader in NAHS. “Being a leader in art is fulfilling to me because I can help other people improve their artwork. Seeing the moment where someone is proud of something they created is extremely rewarding.”

Her art inspires her peers to follow their own path of creativity. The imaginative illustration the artist conveys in their work allows the observer to interpret each students’ personality and emotion in life. Dillahunty encourages individuality and having fun with what you create.

In addition to her time devoted to her academic successes, Dillahunty volunteers at Ronald McDonald House assisting her parents. She helps by making posters for events and also works at booths during fund raisers. She has a very busy home life as well  helping care for her five younger siblings. Three are adopted, and two are currently foster children. She changes many diapers and babysits whenever she can, continuing to do the best in academics and as a leader. She also is very organized and helps her parents around the house, cleaning up and getting rid of clutter.

Dillahunty is planning on staying in Texas. She is considering going to Wharton County Junior College for her basics and then attending Texas State Technical College or majoring in Art at the University of Houston. Congratulations Kyra Dillahunty on your talent, fortitude and endurance. Good luck as you continue to share your gift with the world in your future.