Meet Jeremiah Glaspie

Jeremiah Glaspie

By Joan Frances  | Photos by Raina Jianni-

Ridge Point High School prepares students to achieve success in all methods of education. From academics and fine arts to sports, seniors graduate with the memories that are treasured for many years to come. Jeremiah Glaspie is a senior who has accomplished his goals, has learned about high school life and is looking forward to taking the next step to his future.

Jeremiah has taken Advanced Placement classes during his high school career. His favorite teacher is his art teacher Lysa Huckaby.  “During the school year, she was always very supportive and positive,” said Jeremiah.  “She was able to help her students focus on the assignment and accepted our interpretation of the work she gave us. I enjoyed being able to express myself through art. She is an amazing teacher.”

One value Jeremiah lives by is patience. “Harriet Tubman said, ‘Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.’ Everyone has dreams of becoming something special through a talent they possess. Through patience, I have become a stronger person. Being patient has taught me to appreciate my friends and family and to get through the good times and the difficult times. I guess what I am trying to say is that nothing comes quickly, but through the process of time and patience, life is very rewarding.”

Jeremiah was District Champion in the 100-meter dash and Regional Champion in track, but his forte is football. He has played the position of wide receiver all four years of his high school career. “I have been playing football my entire life. I started when I was about six-years-old. The best thing that happened to me was moving from Indiana to Texas. Playing football in Texas has given me so many great opportunities. The discipline and drive to accomplish the goals my teammates and coach place on me has made me a better person. I love this sport so much because it relaxes me and I love the brotherhood that comes with it. Friendships that I will keep for the rest of my life.”

Jeremiah’s accomplishments include Honorable Mention All-District two times, District Champions for all four years and State Semi-Finalist.

“Throughout my four years of high school, I will never forget the State Semi Final medal the team received. We worked so hard and played with our hearts. We all shared a camaraderie to win and supported each other. This is what playing football is all about. With our success, we have gained recognition and respect throughout Ridge Point High School. As a senior, being a leader is extremely important and fulfilling to me because I have a chance to make people better, and I have an opportunity to set the standard for the others on the team.”

In addition to his commitment to the high school, Jeremiah has volunteered at Jack and Jill of America in Sugar Land. The core values of this organization are to provide children with outstanding programs, community service and leadership opportunities. He donated his time by giving presents to children on Christmas.

Jeremiah is in the process of finding the right college to attend this fall. He aspires to continue playing football and will major in aeronautical engineering. Congratulations on your continued commitment to your talent, and good luck as you accomplish your goals in your future.