Meet Heriverta Beltran

Heriverta Beltran

By Joan Frances –

Students at Thurgood Marshall High School acquire four years of knowledge from a wide variety of academic subjects, as well as extracurricular activities. Seniors graduate with a vision of what the future could be. Heriverta Beltran is a senior who has achieved success in academics, has respected leadership skills and is looking forward to taking the next step to a fulfilling future.

Beltran has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school career. She has been on the A and A/B honor roll and is the Academic Excellence Award recipient for three years. She has been a member of National Honor Society for the past two years and holds the office of Secretary. She is also a member of Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS). Beltran is the Drum Major of the Marshall High School Band and plays the clarinet.  She is a Cadet Lieutenant Colonel in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), as well as a former commander and two-year member for Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS). The Kitty Hawk Air Society is an Honor Society for the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program. The purpose of KHAS is to further instill leadership and teamwork qualities.

Beltran has three favorite teachers. “My band director, Ms. Kristina Levias, my ROTC instructors, Sergeant Melvin Chatman and Chief Jesse Battle. They like to push and motivate me to become the best I can be. They know me inside and out and know I can always count on them when in need. They make me strive for success daily and live life every day to the fullest.”

Beltran’s leadership skills are commendable. “Being a leader makes me work hard to make sure the whole group succeeds. Setting an example for others is one of the most important commitments I make; we all succeed, together. Leadership changes a person’s mindset to think about others instead of just yourself. Albert Schweitzer said, ‘A good example has twice the value of good advice.’”

Photos by Olethea Larkin and Tia Maxwell.

Acceptance is a value Beltran lives by. “Treat everything as a grain of salt. I like to tell myself to not take everything so seriously. Taking things seriously will eventually lead to overthinking rather than just living life as it is. Anurag Prakash Ray said, ‘Life is a continuous process of change. Learn to cope with it. Embrace the ups and downs of life, and life will embrace you.’”

As a result of her compassionate and generous leadership skills, Beltran has an unbreakable bond with her friends. “My friends bring the most out of my day and make me smile. We laugh and joke and make memories together as a group. Being without them in high school would simply make my life bland and unenthusiastic.”

In addition to her academic commitments, Beltran generously gives her free time to volunteer work. She previously participated in the Houston Chevron Marathon as gear check. This bag was the only bag that could be checked during race day. She helped set up booths for the Fort Bend Cares fundraising event. She also participa-ted in the Cinderella Cinderfella Project, where a group of students help those who cannot afford their prom essentials. Their vision is to, “Give a memory of kindness, caring and friendship to high school seniors with emotional, financial and family challenges.”

This fall, Beltran will be attending Houston Community College and will major in Health Sciences. Congratulations Heriverta Beltran for your highly respected leadership skills, compassion and empathy for your fellow man. Good luck as you continue to move forward to making this world a better place to live for everyone.