Meet Brian Valbuena

By Joan Frances –

Brian Valbuena

Harmony School of Innovation in Sugar Land has empowered their students to become anything they aspire to be. With a strong academic foundation, sports and extracurricular activities complete the well-rounded education. Senior Brian Valbuena has accomplished almost everything he has set out to do and is looking forward to a very successful future.

Valbuena has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout his high school career and is on the A-B Honor roll. He is a member of the Robotics Club where he helps in creating and building a robot that performs tasks in a competitive setting. The club takes their robot to challenge other high schools teams throughout the year.

Valbuena is also a member of Hand in Hand, where he was paired with another teen, and they volunteer their time to help a child in elementary school. As a member of Key Club, he said, “We perform acts of service in the community such as cleaning up parks, organizing food drives and collecting clothing. It is very fulfilling to help other people.”

In addition to his busy school schedule, Valbuena volunteered at Goodwill this past summer and at Memorial Herman Hospital during the school year.

Valbuena’s favorite teacher is Ms. Emine Sevinc. “She is an outstanding math teacher, and she knows how to teach in a way where everyone can understand complex math concepts. She also pushes her students to do the very best on her tests, working with us before and after class if we need assistance. She wants to see everyone succeed, and we do.”

A value Valbuena lives by in life is loyalty. “A lot of people are ‘fake’ and cannot be trusted. It is difficult to believe in them. Loyalty is important because it builds trust and commitment to achieving something together. Loyalty shows what type of person you are. Henry Ford said, ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success.’”

Valbuena’s forte is basketball, as he has been playing since 5th grade and has made the team every year. “I enjoy playing basketball so much because it’s something I can play well. The challenge takes my mind off things that I cannot control. The most significant fact is that even though I am short, I can still be good at the sport, and it’s just naturally fun to play. The support the student body gives the team is so exciting – we love the energy of the crowd watching us play.”

As a leader, Valbuena is considerate of the younger players. “I want to make everybody around me better. If I don’t help other players improve their game, and just focus on myself, then what’s the point of playing? The goal of a leader is to lead and make sure everybody is prospering and doing well. Also, being a leader is fulfilling because I love seeing my team members accomplish their goals.”

One thing Valbuena will treasure from his high school experience, he said, “Are all the people I have met and became friends with. At Harmony, most of the students have been with each other from elementary to middle to high school, so the bond is very strong. These people who are my friends are the most amazing people on this earth. They make high school very memorable and fun.”

Valbuena is undecided on a college, but would like to attend the University of Houston and will major in nursing, and then focus on anesthesiology. Congratulations Brian Valbuena on your honesty and positive attitude. Good luck as you move forward to become the success you put your heart and soul into becoming.