Meet Brazil Bartholomew

Brazil Bartholomew

By Joan Frances –

Hightower High School continues to prepare students to graduate and to consider the next step to a productive future. One senior who has achieved a successful four years in academics, extracurricular and sports activities is Brazil Bartholomew.

Bartholomew has a high performing grade point average (GPA) as a Medical Science Academy student and aspires to engage to study Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Alzheimer’s and mental health. She is a two-time Student Council President, holding office last year and this year. “Being a leader in Student Council helps me contribute to the direction, achievement and goals of myself, my school and my community. The thing that I treasure most about my high school career is the opportunity to be a leader. This has not only helped me evolve in my networking and engagement skills, but it has taught me collaboration and influence on a much larger scale than I could imagine at this age.”

Bartholomew is a member of the National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America and National English Honors Society. She is a Representative for the Internal Medicine Industry and the Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Alumni Vice President. She also received Honorable Mention at the Regional Science Fair.

Bartholomew’s favorite teacher is Dr. John Ramon, her Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher. “He taught me how to challenge myself and was a constant reminder of pure passion. Dr. Ramon loves teaching and more importantly leaving an impact on each and every student he encounters. He is the reason why I have been so successful in my science fair projects and has also been my advisor all throughout my high school career.”

In addition to her academic commitments, Bartholomew played volleyball, was a member of the band and is an all-star swimmer, 8th in the region, with the swim team.

One value that Bartholomew holds most high in her everyday life is honesty. “In any circumstance or situation, no matter how challenging it is, honesty is a factor that has the power to change the entirety of the outcome. Being an honest person is what I hold as a core value and is a moral that I live by.”

Bartholomew is a unique individual, has an influential and powerful personality. “My approach to situations is what I feel makes me unique. Each and every situation I enter requires much thought and contemplation, and I use this characteristic as a checking point to ensure that my results are beneficial, successful and the best choice. I also feel that my traits of versatility as  an athlete and student leader, as well as community volunteer, showcases my willingness to try new things and perfect them.”

When she is not busy at school, Bartholomew devotes her time to volunteering. She participated in a marathon for Childs Rights in You and was selected to learn from medical students at Baylor Saturday Morning Science 1 and 2. “I have had a lot of personal challenges recently; however, my friendships and volunteerism has kept my eyes set on my future successes. I have a very large family with four siblings, and my parents value discipline, dedication and happiness. I feel that the core values instilled in me through my father’s West Indian Heritage has shaped me into the person that I am today and will be in the future.”

Bartholomew is interested in attending Stanford, Rice, University of California Los Angeles or Brown University and will major in Neuroscience and/or Political science. Congratulations Brazil Bartholomew on your strength and fortitude. Good luck as you benefit this world in your future.