Meet Ashley Alshrouf

300-ashleyBy Joan Frances –

Elkins High School in the Fort Bend Independent School District has an insightful vision statement: “Elkins High School will be a community of actively involved, motivated learners. It will be a school in which every student feels pride, respect and a sense of belonging. All students will be successful, and all individuals will work together toward a standard of academic excellence.” Students graduate fully prepared to meet the needs of the world and to become successful individuals. One senior who has achieved an impressive resume during her high school career is Ashley Alshrouf.

Academically, Ashley is taking Advanced Placement classes and earned the award for Academic Excellence this past year. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the American Sign Language Club (ASL) at her school. ASL is a visual gestural language, meaning it is expressed through the hands and face and is perceived through the eyes. Ashley joined the club to learn something new and to express herself in a different way. “ASL has taught me that non-verbal gestures can be as effective as verbal communication,” Ashley said. “I also enjoy signing with deaf students.”

Friends and National Honor Society members Alani Butler and Ashley Alshrouf.

Friends and National Honor Society members Alani Butler and Ashley Alshrouf.

Ashley’s favorite teacher is Coach Errol Moncriffe, who teaches Algebra II. “He created an environment that made me more interested in learning what he had to teach instead of just passing the test he gave us. He taught me to push myself and never settle for less. Coach Moncriffe really cares about his students and will spend as much time as is necessary on an equation. We all know he loves his work. His optimistic attitude is contagious.”

For the past five years, Ashley has played volleyball. She is a member of the varsity team and plays defensive specialist. She enjoys this position, because she likes to dig the difficult hits during the game. The team practices almost every day and is very committed and devoted. They compete at tournaments during volleyball season at different high schools all over the city. As a senior, Ashley assists the younger members by mentoring them during the year. “Being a leader in volleyball is fulfilling to me because I get to set the tone for the program and instill traditions for younger girls that will be continued through the next generation. But most importantly, being a leader is fulfilling to me because I get to watch everyone grow.”

One value Ashley lives by is character. “I strive to be the truest and most authentic self to my family, teachers and peers. I will never abandon my character and the values instilled in me to please a crowd. I will treat others as I want to be treated.” The one thing Ashley treasures most about her time at Elkins High School is the relationships she has formed. “To be a part of the volleyball team, National Honor Society and American Sign Language has allowed me to meet great people who have become devoted friends. Those relationships were the reason why I was able to overcome obstacles in my life.”

Ashley is still undecided on where she will continue her education after high school, but she is interested in pursuing Texas Tech University, Louisiana State University and the University of Houston. She will major in physical or occupational therapy. Congratulations on your commitment to education and your positive attitude Ashley, and good luck as you take the next step in life to become the success of your dreams.