Meet Aris Desai

By Joan Frances | Photos by Prestige Portraits –

Kempner High School is home to students who graduate fully prepared to take the next step in their education. One senior who has accomplished undeniable success in academics, has achieved Eagle Scout status and is a devoted volunteer is Aris Desai.

Aris has taken all Pre-Advanced Placement and Advance Placement  courses throughout his high school career. He is a National Honor Society member, and has received the Academic Excellence Award for the past three years. He was the recipient of the National Spanish Exam Honorary Recognition Award. He is also a member of the varsity swim team and is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Aris is a diligent, open-minded, eager and resourceful individual. His Eagle Scout project was the most rewarding job he ever completed. “As an Eagle Scout, we have learned one slogan that I truly try to instill in my life, that is to ‘do a good turn daily.’ I also try to fulfill this slogan by honoring and incorporating my parent’s principle of ‘Those who can, should and those that are able, must.’”

Aris’ view on the teachers of his life are insightful. “I have many teachers. Academic teachers who provide me knowledge and growth, spiritual teachers who guide me morally and spiritually, elders who provide me with wisdom and experiences in many areas. First and foremost, my primary teachers have been my parents! They have given me comfort, guidance, empathy, knowledge and experience that are beyond words for any person my age to achieve.”

Eagle Scout Aris Desai.

High School has been an amazing journey in all facets of Aris’ life. Most of his memories have been outside of the classroom. “I have canoed the Canadian Lakes and hiked New Mexico’s Philmont Ranch on my way to developing primitive survival skills as part of Eagle Scout. I have supplemented my classwork by observing and walking the path of ancient civilizations in Europe, South America and Asia. I have traveled and visited to understand mysteries of many ruins, magnificent castles, churches, temples, government facilities, art galleries, museums and education facilities throughout USA, South America, Europe and Asia. These are firsthand accounts of what I learned from my academic books. These memories will never compare to the academic work from any classroom.”

In addition to his academic successes and Eagle Scout achievements, Aris is a devoted volunteer and leader. “I am a student hero at the Houston food bank, where I instruct volunteers how to organize products. I volunteered at the George Ranch Memorial Library, where I instructed patrons to find books and helped children with arts and crafts. I have also held many Boy Scout titles, which includes Senior Patrol Leader and as an Eagle Scout provided assistance to lower ranks and educating them on what I have learned. I am also an active member of my Temple and will be attending a volunteer mission trip this winter in a small village in India, where I will be teaching the rural villagers about Microeconomics, hygiene and educating young elementary students. The most rewarding leadership role, however, was my Eagle Scout Project. I lead a mighty group of volunteers and assisted in finishing a Habitat For Humanity home for a needy family. This role humbled me in the circumstance of others and the privileges in which I live.”

Aris is undecided on a University but is considering The University of Texas at Austin or Boston University. He will be studying Neuroscience with the goal of attending Medical School. Congratulations, Aris, on your wisdom and human compassion. We look forward to watching you help make this world a better place to live.