Meet Allen Ting

By Joan Frances –

Allen Ting

As a senior at Clements High School, Allen Ting is a diligent student with a passion for science and music. He has achieved success in academics and extracurricular activities and is looking forward to a successful future through higher education.

Ting has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout his high school career. He is a member of the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society and the Chinese National Honor Society. He received the Rotary Youth Leadership Award and the Fort Bend ISD Academic Excellence recognition. He also received the College Board National AP Scholar Award, the AP Scholar with Distinction Award and is a National Merit Semifinalist.

Ting’s favorite teacher is his Chinese teacher, Mrs. Annie Wang. “She has a down-to-earth, warm-hearted teaching style, yet she is also an experienced teacher who encourages growth and gives life lessons every so often. On top of that, Mrs. Wang cares deeply about each and every one of her students; she always welcomes a conversation, and she truly values the progress, achievements and experiences of everyone in her classroom. I had a lot of fun in the three years I was in her class, but more importantly, I learned the significance of appreciating Chinese as a language and as my own culture, and that’s all thanks to Mrs. Wang.”

Ting is a talented musician. He is a violinist for the Varsity Orchestra at Clements. As one of the top high school orchestras in the District, each year the orchestra has received the highest score at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) contest full orchestra, solo and ensemble. Ting has earned All-Region violinist for the past three years, All-Area violinist for the past two years, and he is a leader with the Officer Council. “As someone who has played violin in the school orchestra since sixth grade, I find special meaning in now being part of the orchestra officer team at Clements. Having the opportunity to directly give back to the program is greatly fulfilling, whether it comes in the form of planning social events or organizing logistics that go on behind the scenes, I get a sense of accomplishment in being able to contribute to an organization that has already given me so many opportunities. The especially rewarding part of being a leader in orchestra is helping to shape the experience for underclassmen and being able to impact the future in a positive way. Overall, I’ve seen music influence so many people, including myself, and I feel pride in expanding that influence through orchestra.”

Ting is also a member of the Varsity Mixed Choir. One value he lives by is open-mindedness. “I try to always listen to and consider other people’s ideas and perspectives, even if I might not have similar views. I believe it’s important to look at all sides of a situation and make reasonable, informed decisions. By learning from the unique perspectives of those around me, I strive to become a better person by being open-minded and inclusive of others.”

Ting will treasure the support of his friends who have journeyed through high school with him every step of the way. “I’ll remember the diversity and sense of community among the people in my school long after I graduate, and I’ll cherish these memories for a lifetime.”

This fall, Ting is hoping to attend  The University of Texas at Austin and will major in computer science. Congratulations Allen Ting for your undeniable talent and generosity. Good luck as you continue to make an impact in this world in your future.