May 2018 – Exclamation Points!

The Best Job Ever

Kolton and Patti Kaminski. Photo by Alisa Murray Photography.

The most important job I have ever had – and will ever have – is being a mother.  As such, I have worked diligently to instill in my children what it means to have and give grace, what character truly stands for and how integrity is one of the most important characteristics to possess as a human and as a Christian. As we go to press with this issue, I am awestruck by the living example of these traits in our First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush. I, along with so many, mourn her loss as the chapter is closed on this amazing mother, wife, woman, advocate and Christian. But even as I write those words, I know that the legacy of Mrs. Bush’s life is not a closed chapter – it is only the beginning.

Mrs. Bush left a legacy of service and grace that will serve as an example and teach generations to come. Perhaps the one thing I appreciated most about Mrs. Bush over the years is the role that she played in her family. Her family called her “The Enforcer.” She was the one you did not want to cross or disappoint. She made – and enforced – the rules for her family. And they followed her example and learned how to be amazing human beings of presidential stature.  I laugh, as in my family, I have been told that I have that role.  I likely have brought a whole new meaning to the term “tough love,” because if you messed up in my house, you didn’t do it again. My precious, smart, kind baby girl Kassidi, I could stop with a look if she even considered misbehaving. It took a more – shall we say concerted physical effort – with Kolton, who is witty, smart, tenacious and like his momma, loves a good challenge. And, he thinks it’s fun to get me riled up. Let’s just say the adage, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” rings true in our home.

This May I confess that I am less than happy. My baby boy is graduating leaving the nest in the fall. This is a bittersweet moment for me as he is my youngest, so soon all of my birdies will have flown the coop. Of course, over the past two years, I have learned that even though my babies aren’t in the next room, they still need momma. My job is not done; it has just changed. Yes, being a mother is the most important job I have ever had, and it’s the best one. I’m sure our First Lady felt the same about her role. Well done Mrs. Bush. You have made your mark in our lives, and it is one we won’t soon forget.

To all of our Fort Bend mothers, Happy Mother’s Day. I leave you with words of wisdom from a great mother, Barbara Bush: “Believe in something larger than yourself.” And make certain your children do, too.

Stay focused – and believe,