Manish Seth: Republican for State HD 27

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Manish Seth.

For over 10 years, Manish Seth, CPA, CFE, has served as a partner at fast growing full-service accounting firms in Houston and San Antonio. Now, Seth has set his sights on two major goals utilizing both his 20 years of professional experience and his passion for community:  launching his new financial and accounting firms, Seth & Alexander along with Manish Seth CPA, PLLC, and serving his community as Representative of  Texas State District 27.

Seth’s success in his professional career helping clients develop long-term plans for their companies and strategically grow their businesses remains his focus in Seth & Alexander.  At Manish Seth CPA, PLLC, he will continue his work as a certified public accountant helping clients with taxes and audits. His expertise in privately held industries, including real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, services and energy, will be beneficial in both endeavors – ventures that the entire Seth family is looking forward to.

“It was a family decision for Manish to run for office,” said wife Rumana Seth. “Now our girls, Sitara and Aambar, are a senior and freshman in high school, and the time seems right for Manish to do something he has always wanted to do – serve our community on a larger scale.”

Fort Bend Roots

Service is nothing new to Seth who came to America with his parents at 18 months-old. The family moved to Fort Bend while Seth was in third grade, and he attended Fort Bend schools through high school. “Though not born here, I am from Fort Bend,” shared Seth. “I grew up here, attended Blue Ridge Elementary, Quail Valley Middle School and Dulles High School and have witnessed the phenomenal growth and opportunities that our community has to offer. I chose to raise my family here.  My commitment and passion for our community is part of who I am.”

Seth actively volunteers his time in Fort Bend as a board member of the Cullinan Park Conservancy. He also worked closely with small businesses assisting with growth strategies as a board member and treasurer of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. Seth has served on the board of AccessHealth and as past treasurer of the Ridge Point Orchestra Booster Association and the Fort Bend Republican Party. While still early in his career, Seth volunteered for Junior Achievement. “Helping kids in elementary school work on projects was very rewarding. One year, the kids all made cards for me on the last day of Junior Achievement, and it was very touching,” explained Seth about his passion for helping kids.

Experience with Integrity

The Seth Family: Sitara, Rumana, Aambar and Manish.

Due to his experience with his clients in construction, Seth was appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to the One-Call Board of Texas (OCB) to serve at the state level.  The OCB established and operates a “one-call” excavation safety and underground facility damage notification system providing excavators with the opportunity to make “one-call” prior to excavation to avoid issues. In addition to being a public member, Seth is also the Audit Committee Chair.

A Certified Public Accountant, Seth is also a Certified Fraud Examiner investigating fraud against companies both nationally and internationally. “I’ve conducted fraud examinations as a Certified Fraud Examiner for 17 years,” said Seth, who receives calls from clients frequently needing assistance to investigate fraud.  Seth’s global certification allows him to conduct investigations worldwide and present findings to authorities to assist in fraud prosecution. “I work very closely with attorneys and authorities on behalf of my clients in these investigations to locate, document and prosecute those committing fraud against corporations.”

Seth believes that his experience will be extremely beneficial as a Representative for Texas District 27. “I’m running to serve because someone with integrity who cares about and knows how to create and implement long-term plans for the future of our district needs to step up. I am not a politician; I am husband, father and businessman who wants to be the voice that keeps District 27 moving forward.”


Texas State District 27 encompasses the following areas, predominantly in Fort Bend County: Arcola, Fresno, Meadows Place, Missouri City, Stafford and Sugar Land and a small area in Houston and Pearland.

So, what does Seth mean by moving forward? “Simply put:  opportunity.  We must work with local government to attract more commercial businesses here, businesses that need a workforce. Our state has been growing with 1,000 jobs per day added to our economy. We have to keep the focus on jobs, education and the long term benefits of our Texas citizens”

Because of the location and accessibility of District 27, the area is attractive to businesses. “Stafford has done a great job of attracting businesses as most recently indicated by the conversion of the old Texas Instruments facility,” said Seth. “We can continue that momentum because District 27 has great resources – easy access to toll roads and Hobby Airport, great schools and an ever-growing population of the next generation:  our children.

“My goal is to work with the state to make certain that we educate our children with opportunities to succeed, and that doesn’t always mean a four-year degree. I want to give our children the resources from the state level to attend vocational schools, obtain licenses and reinvest these skills back into our county.  Bringing businesses here to sustain these kids, keeping our knowledge here and completing the cycle is an opportunity to sustain our future.”



Seth believes that more – and different – educational resources are paramount to the future of District 27. “We must work with our local schools to provide a long-term educational plan for our children, and this includes providing activities to enhance learning after normal school hours right there on school campuses,” shared Seth, who understands that many parents cannot afford or have the resources to take their children to alternate sites for after school activities.

“We need opportunities within the local schools to assist with training to further our children’s education, and ultimately, their career – right there on campus.” Seth believes that providing children opportunities to learn after school is a win-win for all:  teachers, parents and most importantly, children.

“Not every child can be picked up at 3 or 4 pm,” said Seth.  “And, not every child wants to get involved in athletics.  We need to provide at the state level enhanced learning opportunities where our children are for most of their day:  school.”

Forming public private partnerships with schools is one idea that Seth wants to explore. “Through public private partnerships, the schools and the private sector can work together on providing educational opportunities at our schools after hours.  Important skills can be taught to help the next generation transition from high school and help as they enter either higher education or the workforce. Making these educational opportunities accessible on campus is key for our children’s futures.”


Manish Seth: Republican for Texas House District 27

Photo by Arun Parikh.

“I have known Manish and his family for more than ten years, and I am confident he will be a tremendous State Representative for  all Texans. Manish has been a dedicated servant to our community, and his  background in helping businesses to grow, create more jobs and expand opportunities for our families is of great importance to our workforce and future graduates.”

– Congressman Pete Olson, House District 22

“Having a leader like Manish Seth in the House is vital to securing a more prosperous future for Texas. I know he will work tirelessly for the people of Fort Bend County to expand economic opportunity, improve our schools, and defend the values that make Texas exceptional.”

– Governor Greg Abbott

“I am proud to endorse Manish Seth for Texas House District 27. As a CPA, he is well-prepared to work with legislators on complex budgets, tax rates and state finances. He will represent Texas HD 27 very well!.”

– Glenn Hegar, Texas State Comptroller

“I am happy to endorse Manish. He has the experience and passion to work hard for HD 27.”

– Former Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert

“Manish has my full support.” – Tony Sherman

Pol. ad paid for by Manish Seth for Texas House District 27 Campaign Andrew Barbe, Treasurer.

Supporting Teachers

Seth knows first hand the important role teachers play in the lives of children, a lesson learned at Dulles High School. “If it wasn’t for Mrs. Judy Matiny, a Physics teacher at Dulles, I would have given up in high school. I would not have gotten involved nor gone on to pursue a higher education. And to this day, I always go out of my way to thank my old principle, Mr. James Patterson, for the support and encouragement he gave me in high school. From being nervous to saying the Pledge Of Allegiance over the intercom system, to walking across the stage for my diploma from Dulles, Mr. Patterson has always supported my dreams.”

Seth, who earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from The University of Texas at Austin, credits Matiny with his success in high school. “I was very quiet, experiencing the struggles of being an Indian in the 1980s in high school,” shared Seth. “I was often down and disappointed, struggling with being bullied, and Mrs. Matiny encouraged me. If it wasn’t for her constant encouragement, I don’t believe I would have gone to college.”

Making certain that teachers are paid fairly and are provided with the necessary resources from the State is an important issue for Seth. “Besides parents, teachers have the most influence on our children. We must give them the resources they need and eliminate teachers paying out of pocket for materials that are required to do their job.”

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

As an auditor who has worked with numerous healthcare clients, as well as a board member of AccessHealth, Seth has seen first-hand the need for affordable and accessible healthcare services in District 27.

“For over 20 years, I have worked with healthcare companies on many issues – not all accounting related,” said Seth. “My experience on the operational side has assisted multiple businesses on growing and expanding services from start-ups to multi-national companies, and many of these were in the healthcare industry. I have experience helping companies make certain they can provide a service in a cost-efficient manner, and this is what is needed in healthcare.”

Making certain all Texans have access to healthcare is something Seth believes should be a priority for the State. “Whether it’s our children, the elderly or our veterans, we must ensure healthcare is accessible to all.”

Election 2020

Seth’s private sector experience provides unique qualifications to provide leadership and service to District 27, along with his Fort Bend roots and his commitment to family.  “For Rumana and I, it’s family first in our lives.” And choosing to raise his daughters in his home was never in question. “I love this state, and I love Fort Bend.  I believe in God, and I believe in our community. I want to be one of the 150 votes District 27 and our entire state can count on to do the right thing – to be the voice that keeps Texas moving forward. We are all the sum of our experiences, and I want to take experiences that Texas, and specifically Fort Bend, has given me to our State Capital. I want our community to have a local kid who worked hard, gave to the community and is raising his family in the area, to be the example of the next generation. Together we can continue building a great state.”

Pol. ad paid for by Manish Seth for Texas House District 27 Campaign Andrew Barbe, Treasurer.