Loggins Jewelers Presents First Annual Angels for Alzheimer’s College Scholarship Awards

By Susan Pappas Sanders –

Evan knew the more impatient he became, the more illusive the memory. Panicked and embarrassed, he looked around the gas station for some clue how to proceed. His brain refused to solve the scattered puzzle of his fading memory.

A gifted engineer who could no longer work a gas pump. This is a true story of how my sister and I first realized our father was ill.

During the next seven years, our father traveled the all too familiar, deadly decline that had taken the dignity and lives of both our grandmothers before him. Even knowing this, Evan led his life with a friendly smile, a ready compliment and a determination to live. Whether it is a friend, family member or one day even ourselves, no one is left untouched by this terminal disease.

Congratulations to our winners!
Loggins Jewelers’ Susan Pappas Sanders with scholarship winners Abigail Benton, Simran Rahman, Rachel Brown and Erin Porter.

Loggins Jewelers’ Susan Pappas Sanders with scholarship winners Abigail Benton, Simran Rahman, Rachel Brown and Erin Porter.

First place: The Evan Award of $2,000 was awarded to Simran Rahman of Hightower High School. Simran will attend Rice University this fall to study neurology.

Second place: $1,000 was awarded to Abigail Benton of Dulles High School. Abigail will attend The University of Texas at Austin to study nutrition and science.

Third place: $1,000 was awarded to Prakul Suresh of Elkins High School. Prakul will attend Johns Hopkins University to study neurology.

Fourth place: $500 was awarded to Erin Porter of Kempner High School. Erin will attend Texas A&M University to pursue a science degree.

Fifth place: $500 was awarded to Rachel Brown of Hightower High School. Rachel will attend Friends University and is interested in neurosurgery.

Fort Bend ISD’s Terry L. Sheneman.

Fort Bend ISD’s Terry L. Sheneman.

There are no approved medical treatments that prevent, regress or cure Alzheimer’s and dementia. More than 5 million Americans have some form of Alzheimer’s. It is the sixth leading cause of death, and by age 65, one in nine Americans will have some form of Alzheimer’s. These numbers are projected to triple by 2050 – unless there is a breakthrough.

To honor our father and all families touched by this horrible disease, Loggins Jewelers awarded our first annual Angels for Alzheimer’s college scholarship awards to five deserving Fort Bend area high school all-star students. In addition to top scholastic achievement, each winner has served our community as a volunteer. Each plans to pursue neurological, science or medical studies aimed at the treatment or prevention of age-related neurological disease.

Our sincere thanks go to Terry L. Sheneman, Ed.D., MAC, LPC, College and Career Readiness Coordinator for Fort Bend ISD. Without his invaluable aid in helping to create our online application process and get the word out to the counselors in the Fort Bend School system, these scholarships would not have been awarded.

Loggins Jewelers looks forward to the bright futures of these fine students and next year’s scholarship awards! Visit logginsjewelers.com to read the winning essays.