Local Artist Robyn Crowell Illustrates Poetry for Children

Robyn Cowell.

A local professional artist and illustrator, Robyn Crowell has been creating and teaching art in Fort Bend for over 20 years. Her goal has always been to educate and share the passion for fine art, teaching others the value and importance it has in the community.

Crowell has directed and co-founded a gallery, as well as acted as a Visual Arts and Education Director. She has been blessed to be a featured artist at The Hardy and Nance Studios and East End Gallery. Illustrating this book has been a dream come true and has inspired her to take on a future book project of haikus and illustrations.

The Trickster Poems for Very Clever Children and Silly Adults.

The Trickster Poems for Very Clever Children and Silly Adults, written by Daniel Klawitter, is a mix of silly and thought provoking poetry for children and adults. From a bug eating boy to a rockin’ farm band, the book is filled with fun and whimsical illustrations that are sure to make you smile.

Klawitter and Crowell are local high school friends that graduated from BF Terry High School. “He is a published poet and asked me last year if I would be interested in collaborating in a book for children,” said Crowell. “I submitted a few drawings, and the rest is published history!”

The book is available on Amazon.com, White Bird Publishing Company and Barnes and Noble.