Living the Sweet Life: I’m One of “Those” People 

By Alisa Murray Nationally recognized portrait artist and award-winning columnist.

Hey Sweet Lifers! I was recently having a conversation with one of my dear friends, and she asked me to go to a party. Well, she “sort of” asked actually. Our conversation went like this: My friend started off by stating that she wanted to have a party, and she wanted me to be there. Then she described the party agenda and then asked, “Well I was wondering if this sounds like something you’d be interested in?” I told her it was her party, and if that was what she wanted to do, then it was fine with me. Then, she replied, “Well, I just wanted to check, because all of us know you are one of ‘those’ people.” Giggling, I asked her whatever in the world did THAT mean?! She then explained that everyone knew that I preferred to stay at home, and if anyone wanted to see me, well, they already knew they’d have to come to me.   

Let me be clear, I was not offended, and she stated absolute facts. In fact, I was very pleased that she not only knows me well enough to state things as they are, but more importantly is comfortable enough with our friendship to also know that speaking the truth resonates with me. I am what I am so to speak.

Alisa Murray curling up with William.

So, what exactly does it mean to be “one of those” people? Well, this got me to thinking about the perception I obviously have amongst my friends and how might they have come to that conclusion. I am indeed very happy being at home. So happy in fact that I actually no longer desire to go on vacation and am so confident in my honed cooking skills that I prefer my own dishes to those created in kitchens from people who I do not know. I also have a no time wasted policy that driving actually impedes upon. So much wasted time is spent in a car or a plane, and quite frankly, I have no time to waste!

Once more, I have plenty of projects going simultaneously and being that I am an extremely self-directed person, it goes without saying I have my own agenda to follow and am busy accomplishing it! There’s a library full of books waiting to be read, stuff to organize, sketches to be made and paintings to be created. Then there’s the garden, of course, that is no small task with 26 beds and rotating crops, seeds to plant, seedlings to tender and pest control!  Ah, the garden could, if I let it be, my only task indeed!

Then there’s the real reason I suppose I love to be at home. I have never slept in a bed that slept better than the one that I own. I have never been more comfortable reading a book or studying than in my chair with my cat sleeping in my lap! I have realized that any form of entertainment whether it be an Astros game, a movie, a concert or a comedian has by far better views of what I actually want to experience from my chair, than from their hard, uncomfortable seats. If I want to go make a snack, the show is exactly as I left it, paused, waiting for me to finish watching it. You see where this is going, I’m sure.

Now I will say that all of my friends are always welcome to come and see me, and they know this, and they do. Many text as they know I don’t particularly answer my phone anymore, but I am always beside it! Funny how things have changed. They also know the hours I keep, and frequently I’ll hear from them in what would be considered by many to be “inappropriate” hours. They also know that if they want to see me, it’s best to consider that I do not entertain in person visits before 11 am. This has taken me a very long time to implement as so many of my friends are “morning” people, which is quite dreadful and which I have never been! This lifestyle policy has been a tad bit more difficult to make clear to my doctors; however, I am pleased to report they have all “caught” on . . . finally.

They all know I am always just a few steps away from my kitchen and can gladly at a moment’s notice whip up a nice brunch or a cocktail. So many are aware of my cooking that they are frequent to stop by for some supper, and there’s nothing more wonderful than adding another chair to my table. I enjoy their company and a good sit in the sunshine with a cat curled up at my feet is the perfect way to spend any afternoon. Don’t you think?

So, I guess I am one of “those” people. No apologies will come from me though. Honestly, you’ll not get any complaints from any of my friends either actually. They do still occasionally try to lure me away by dangling a party or a get-away knowing before they even start that I ain’t going anywhere, but I enjoy their trying nonetheless!

Take care of YOU and stay “sweet!”