Living the Sweet Life: Fur Babies

By Alisa Murray
Nationally recognized
portrait artist and

Hey Sweet Lifers! If you ever thought you were the one to choose your fur babies, let me just tell you, they choose you. Recently, I went out to bring in my girls Sasha and Angela for the night, and each time I called their names, I heard a loud, “Meeeeeow!” in response to my call. Both of the girls came trotting in for their supper, and yet I kept hearing this cry. When I looked carefully into the bushes, out trotted a big male blonde cat covered in blood. He looked like he had definitely been on the wrong side of whatever fight he had gotten himself into.

Over these 33 years of marriage, sweet B and I have always had cats. Each of them have come to us with their own sets of circumstances. There was Christopher Thomas who you’ll recall was found as a kitten over there in H-town while I was doing a wedding. He lived his sweet life for 19 years, and I literally fell apart when he went to heaven. It’s amazing how much of your life is intertwined with those fur babies beside you every waking moment! Then there was Elizabeth and William, who were found in the insulation of a client’s home being built in Katy. We lost Elizabeth two years ago, and William, now 17, as frail as he is, is with us and by my side all of the time. Sasha and Angela came from a parking lot in Sugar Land 15 years ago.

Alisa with her newest fur baby who chose her – Joseph Theodore.

Brian, let’s just say had mentioned, that he “sure would be glad when we did not have to worry about ‘the cats.’” He meant well by this because truthfully, he wants to travel and not be tied down with the responsibilities of having fur babies. I suppose the fact that our human babies are all grown up has had this effect on him.  I, however, have made it very clear that I have no intention of ever living a day of my life without a cat. This had honestly begun to worry me a little, and I even mentioned it to Commissioner Morales’ team at the animal shelter when I had gone to do a shoot with Patti. “Be on the lookout for a blonde male kitten,” I had asked the ladies there. I needed a back-up plan for when William leaves me.

So, you cannot imagine my joy in finding this guy screaming at me in my bushes! I grabbed him food, which he happily gobbled up, and a few hours later, I went outside to find him screaming at me again. I decided if he was supposed to be mine, he would have to make that decision, and so I left the door open. He walked in and began pushing himself all over my feet, and when I sat down to pet him, he turned over to expose his belly and viola! He became mine.

The next day I took him to see the doc, and he said he was covered in lacerations and was feral. I thought, there ain’t no way this cat is feral coming into my life like that. Every cat owner knows that cats that have not been loved by humans are very difficult to make into pets. This guy was a big blonde ball of teddy bear purring despite his wounds! The best part? Doc said he’s only two!

Here we are a few months later, and all of his wounds are healed. He’s transitioned beautifully into our home, and guess who goes outside and sits with him and scratches his belly every few hours? Did I mention that B said he was done having cats? LOL! At this rate Joseph Theodore will probably out live me! I am so happy though, because he is just perfect, and just like all the rest, he chose us!

Take care of YOU and stay “sweet!”