Libraries Present Online Local History Programs for Texas History Month In March

In recognition of Texas History Month, Fort Bend County Libraries’ Local History and Genealogy Department will present two online programs in March for local history buffs.

On Monday, March 15th, Carol Beauchamp will present “The Story of the Runaway Scrape.” After word of the fall of the Alamo reached the Texians in 1836, panic ensued and a mass exodus took place in an effort to outrun the approaching Mexican Army. Learn what these early colonists endured as they ran for their lives.

On Monday, March 22nd, Genealogy and Local History department manager Daniel Sample will present “A History of Booth, Texas.” Sample will share a brief history of the community of Booth, Texas, in southeast Fort Bend County. He will also talk about the old Booth school building.

These online, pre-recorded videos can be viewed on the Fort Bend County Libraries website at

Libraries Start Online Support Group for Job Hunters

Searching for a job can be difficult and stressful, but doing it in the middle of a pandemic can be even worse. Fort Bend County Libraries (FBCL) will launch an online Job-Search Support Group on Tuesday, March 23rd, at 2 pm. This program will be live-streamed via Webex; it will not be in person.

In this online forum, job hunters will have an opportunity to network with other people, exchange tips and leads, or simply vent their frustrations with others in the same position.

Library staff will share helpful online resources that can be accessed through the FBCL website. These free resources can help job seekers create a better resumé, improve their job skills, research job opportunities and careers, and much more.

This online event is free and open to the public. Reservations are required so that a link to the Webex session can be emailed to all participants. To register online at FBCL’s website (, click on “Classes & Events,” select “Virtual Programs,” and find the program.

For more information, call FBCL’s Communications Office at 281-633-4734.